Punkovino: l’excellente série documentaires dédié au vin naturel.

Punkovino: an excellent series of short documentaries dedicated to natural wine!

We highly recommend watching this excellent series of short documentaries dedicated to natural wine titled “Punkovino,” now available on demand on arte. Take a tour of Europe through meeting 10 winemakers who embody everything about the natural wine movement where they work.

Episodes in order:

-Melanie & Michael Völker from domaine 2 Naturkinder – Germany – Bavaria

-François Saint Lô – France – Loire Valley

-Eloi Cedó Perelló from domaine Sistema Vinary – Spain – Mallorca

-Alban Michel – Les Sabots d’Hélène – France – Corbières

-Raphaël Baissas – Nada – France – Roussillon

-Ketevan Berishvili – Gogo Wine Aman – Georgia – Kakheti

-Brendan Tracey – Le Clocher Sain-Anne – France – Loire Valley

-Servaas Blockeel – Belgium – Vlaanderen

-Vincent Marie – No Control – France – Auvergne

-Arianna Occhipinti – Italy – Sicily

The sound and graphic design can sometimes be a little much, but as far as the restitution of natural wine’s philosophy and highlighting the work of each winemaker goes, it’s an absolute success!

Watch the series here:Punkovino

A Taste of Ellsworth in Paris!
A stop at D.C.'s Domestique!!

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