Raisin, 100 grands vins naturels d’émotion

Presenting our book ” Raisin: 100 Grands vins naturels d’émotion” 

Presenting our book ” Raisin: 100 Grands vins naturels d’émotion”. Respect for people and love of the land results in the creation of some of the greatest wines, evoking the most beautiful emotions.

This truth is the origin of the partnership between Raisin, the natural wine app, and the “Entre Les Vignes” team, that inspired them to write this original work together. “The book has two objectives: first to break down the misconceptions about natural wines (simple, fragile, flawed, don’t keep…), and second to pay tribute to the men and women producing some magically alive wines that are deeply personal,” expressed authors Cédric Blatrie (Raisin) and Guillaume Laroche (Entre Les Vignes).

P.S. 📕 This book makes a wonderful holiday gift! Available for pre-sale starting today at just 22€ with free shipping until November 23rd, the date of the official release. 🎁  Yes, you heard right, Free shipping to anywhere on the planet until November 23rd.  

Our dedicated page is here: https://www.100-grands-vins-naturels.raisin.digital
This book is printed on FSC-certified paper 🌳🌲

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