Natuurwijn, een helder verhaal over troebele wijn

‘Natural Wine, a clear story about unclear wine’ or better known under its original name ‘Natuurwijn, een helder verhaal over troebele wijn’ is the first Dutch book focussing on, and untangling the complex subject of natural wine.

Written by Niels van Laatum, a Dutch wine writer, journalist, and member of the international Circle of Wine Writers, the book is educational, fun, light, yet critical when needed. It’s a book for wine lovers, natural wine fans and wine professionals.

Niels van Laatum first discovered a taste for natural wine around 4 years ago when he bought his first box of wines from Blije Wijnen in Rotterdam. It clearly made an impression (as it does on so many of us), as he now balances his writing with masterclasses about natural wine and tastings. Always trying to get people interested and curious. To broaden their taste and minds.

The book features a brief history of how wine came to be, where and when the natural wine movement started, and how it relates to modern wine making. There’s an explanation on organic and biodynamic wine, on wine faults, and tries to take away misunderstandings and presumptions about natural wine.

Niels interviewed several Dutch and international (natural) winemakers like Milan Nestarec, Envinate, JP Schmitt, Stéphane Tissot, to help gather his information. The book is filled with insights and information, but written in a way that is easy to understand and fluid to read. It even has a section listing the best places in The Netherlands and Belgium to drink and buy natural wine, (just in case your favourite app isn’t working) 😁 .

Unfortunately, for now, this book has only been printed in Dutch. However, if you can read the language, we highly recommend it! Cheers! 📘 🍷


Natuur Wijn natural wine

La Dégust Nature - Toulon
SOMA VINES Pop Up - Berlin

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