Naturaliści in Krakow!

Naturaliści is a must try when in Krákow, and you’re going to want to meet our friend behind it all:  the shop owner, natural wine importer, distributer, and blogger extraordinaire, Joseph Di Blasi!

A California native with a stint in Norway that led him to the beautiful discovery of natural wine in 2006…and the rest is history. Joseph spent some time traveling between Norway and Poland, but eventually moved to Krákow and started his import company and small shop which also distributes throughout all of Poland, Naturaliści, in the heart of Kazimierz in 2014! Joseph proudly states, “We are the first importers to focus on natural wine in Poland, and it was very hard for the first 5 years.” Joseph calls himself a bit of a purist when it comes to natural wine, hence the name of the company meaning “The Naturalists.” Good thing his passion and continuous exploration of the natural wine world drove this trailblazer, because this Raisin spot is one you don’t want to miss 🍷

Thinking about the winegrowers...

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