Hello american friends – today we are giving a shout-out to the usa for their 230 and counting natural wine establishments! Including 40 new hot spots for natural wine that we can’t wait for you to check out.

NYC is still in the lead with 85, but raisin is recognizing more and more cities in the 50 states with natural wine: Washington D.C., Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Portland, Seattle, LA, and San Francisco…to name a few.

With so many states to see and more natural wine to drink, we are very thankful for the help from our American friend Andrew Krell, as well as the amazing work of our new and first intern, Natalie Swimmer. Not forgetting all of you dear users who keep on submitting new natural wine establishments in the USA!


HOWDY! Today we have published establishments where you will find natural wine in the USA. Let’s be clear, these are establishments where you are sure to find at least 30% of natural wine. New-York remains the most active city with more than 70 wine stores, restaurants and bars referenced; San-Francisco, Oakland and Los Angeles are also very active. The natural wine movement is gaining momentum throughout the country from Chicago to Portland, from Detroit to Austin, etc. Raisin recommends over 130 establishments in the USA, isn’t that wonderful?

We’d like to thank all the people who helped make this possible, starting with DC from the The Punchdown in San Francisco, Christina Gibbs in Detroit, Marko Kovac, Jenny & François, Nath Alves, Olivia Mann, Emma Bentley. Last but not least, our dear representative in the USA: Andrew Krell! Big thanks to all of you!

We are almost at 1200 establishments referenced, and work is constantly in progress!

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