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Japan’s Natural Wine Bars, Restaurants and Wine Shops!

Raisin loves Japan!

Raisin loves Japan!

We have identified more than 150 places where you can buy, drink and enjoy natural wine close to where you are in Japan. Isn’t that wonderful? We know our search box still requires tuning to provide full satisfaction, we’ll fix it very soon. If you are not located in Asia, you’ll need to slide over to Japan to discover all our work there.

Since we know you will also be traveling this summer, we have started adding spots here and there (Hong-kong, Bangkok, etc.) in case you would like to quench your thirst for natural wine on a stopover!

Thanks to all the people involved in creating this map: Kisho, Akiko, Netsuke, Makiko, Cristobal Huneeus, Fannie Beuchet, Hugo Blanchet, Lucile Martin. You helped us make this come true.

Next week’s target, Spain is coming! Olivia has compiled more than 50 places.

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