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Raisin loves Belgium!

Raisin loves Belgium!

Belgium takes the stand! Some of you may be surprised to discover that Belgium is a majorplayer in the natural wine world, as important as the U.S.A and Japan. We already knew that Belgians love crafted beers, but a country where you can find 120 bars, restaurants and wine shops, they definitely love natural wine just as much.

We’d like to especially thank Stijn Pans (IG stijn_pans) Sommelier of restaurant Het Land aan & Tom Vandevenne (@vennevine) for the amazing list they sent and which was are starting point. Also hats off to Patrick Bottcher from Vini, Birre, Ribelli for his help and support. Last but not least, our Facebook friends Kim Mathé & Raphaël Akili provided great establishments too.

Let’s not forget members of our team @Olivia & @Nathalie.

Finally, THANKS to all our users who send us infos on a daily basis and make sure we have the most relevant natural wine map ever made, worldwide.

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