Natalie Swimmer, head of Raisin North America, shares a favorite memory

“A throwback to my days of living in France, watching the sun set over the vines of Champagne Fleury, enjoying a rare prize of the family domaine – this 1999 100% pinot noir Fleur de l’Europe rosé, plus a few more 🥂 – and raising a flute with Morgane Fleury and friends.

It was during my time interning in the vibrant and spirited “Ma Cave Fleury” that I met Morgane and these lovely wines, and where she led me to the beautiful discovery of Champagne Fleury, the art of natural winemaking, and biodynamic farming – in the way her family has done since 1989. Tasting wines in moments like these gives a glimpse into generations of hard work, care for the land, and a love for the wine that is produced.”

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