L'Ivresse des Profondeurs by Val de Combrès

L’Ivresse des Profondeurs – Val de Combrès

#sipthis : L’Ivresse des Profondeurs by Val de Combrès

Have you tried L’Ivresse des Profondeurs? Valentin Létoquart masterfully blends Cabernet Franc (50%), Grenache (30%) and Syrah (20%) to create a refreshing, juicy red, with unexpected structure and finish.

The colour is a dark ruby red, with flashes of purple as the light hits it. On the nose we are instantly hit with the scent of fresh berries. Cherries stand out, but hints of strawberry and plum cut through as well as rich spices.

L’Ivresse des Profondeurs is best served chilled, this isn’t a full bodied red by any means, but there is a lot more complexity to it than a simple light summer wine. On the palette it’s fruit forward, fresh, ripe red berries continue to be the stars, but these flavours are followed by a lively, crisp acidity and then long lasting tannins, which are pleasantly peppery, without being overpowering. This wine would work perfectly as an aperitif, but thanks to its finish, mixed with the sweetness of ripe berries, it could pair beautifully with chicken or pork as well.

Grown in Luberon, in the region of Provence, the soil is a mix of clay and limestone, which helps create the wines long lasting acidity. Valentin Létoquart farms 7 hectares of organically certified grapes. He turned to natural wine in 2013, after his frustration with growing grapes for a local co-operative. His wines are produced with no added sulphites, interventions, or filtration. 100% grape juice, just how we like it.

L’Ivresse des Profondeurs is surprisingly perfect for January, where the lightness reminds you of the warmer days to come, while the complexity warms the soul. Highly recommended. Cheers!

Country: France  Region: Provence

Grapes: Cabernet Franc (50%), Grenache (30%) and Syrah (20%)

Vintage: 2021

Music pairing: The Jazz Crusaders at the Lighthouse

Val de Combrès L'Ivresse des Profondeurs by Val de Combrès L'Ivresse des Profondeurs by Val de Combrès

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