Let’s support Domaine Monts & Merveilles!

Domaine Monts & Merveilles, in the heart of the Minervois region, is going through a difficult time. Together with them, we are calling on everyone to help out to cover bottling costs.

To establishments who are open and consumers: the domaine is offering solidarity rates and part of shipment costs. Support them and order some wine!! : “Les Petites Madeleines,” “Maintenant,” “Haïku,” “Patience,” “Page Blanche,” “Alchimie,” “Seïwa” …their beloved wines just a click away. For more info and prices, send an email to: [email protected] 

For those outside of France, deliveries may take a little longer… pay in advance and they will be worth the wait!

YARD Paris has transformed!
Les Vins Libres paving the way in Otsu!

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