Le Quattro Volte - natural wine

Le Quattro Volte

Le Quattro Volte, is a vineyard created by four friends, inspired by the silences, pauses and the cycle of seasons in the vineyard. Located in Calabria, between the Sila and Pollino National Parks, the land is rich in biodiversity and you can spot olives, clementines and pomegranates growing amongst the vines, contributing to the already diverse flora.

Of the four friends, Daniela De Marco and Giampiero Ventura first began collaborating after studying at university. Although their studies were far removed from the world of agriculture, they created ‘Masseria Perugini’ and began producing wine, olive oil, and pasta in the province of Cosenza, in 2015. From the beginning they always cultivated organically with the goal of giving complete respect for both the environment and their customers.

It wasn’t until 2021 though, that they decided to join forces with their two other old friends, Emilio Di Cianni, a lawyer, and Dario Brunori, singer-songwriter, to create Le Quattro Volte. In fact Le Quattro Volte is actually named after a song written by Brunori.

The vines planted are typical of the area: Mantonico, Malvasia, and Greco, white grapes, Magliocco and Guarnaccino, red grapes. They are grown naturally without using chemicals, pesticides, or herbicides, between 200 and 400 meters above sea level. The micro-ventilation they gain from this altitude is fundamental to the quality of the grapes.

In the cellar, the fermentation starts with indigenous yeasts, no filtration or clarification, and the addition of sulphites is only used when strictly necessary, depending on the vintage.

These four friends, although from different backgrounds, are a great, inspirational example that with passion and hard work, it is possible to learn and implement better farming practices, make beautiful natural wines, inspire other farmers from the area to follow their lead and help attract young people back to the region. Hats off to Le Quattro Volte, we wish them many years of success.

Le Quattro Volte - natural wine

Le Quattro Volte - natural wine

Le Quattro Volte - vin naturel

Le Quattro Volte - natural wine

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