Le Cellier Nantes!

Meet Adélie and Olivier! Adélie was a chef in many bistros and restaurants in Paris, and Olivier was the man in charge of the Ôdivin store in Paris for 6 years. This dynamic duo decided to leave Paris and head to Nantes.

66 Rue Maréchal Joffre is where they settled, in one of the town’s most lively and vibrant neighborhoods that reminded them of the beloved Belleville district of Paris. This is where they opened Le Cellier, a wine store, caterer, and grocery that offers the best of both worlds: cuisine based on local, organic, seasonal, and quality products AND a selection of natural wines. The wines here highlight winegrowers of the region, with a notion of pride for the Loire. As for the groceries, you’ll find fabulous products that Adélie herself loves to use in her kitchen: La Guinelle vinegars, oils from Beaujolais, Cachemire spices, La Compagnie Bretonne preserves, and so much more. These two have a great sense of humor and the best taste, making this place something special. We can’t wait to keep following them. Cheers to Le Cellier!

Pulp Wine of Valby!
Terres à Vin

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