L'Arbre à Bouteilles à Nantes natural wine

L’Arbre à Bouteilles in Nantes

L’Arbre à Bouteilles in Nantes has an amazing selection of natural wines, but also a great selection of Raisin stickers! Having been one of the first places worldwide to proudly place the sticker in their window in 2019!

Gaëtan Picard first discovered Natural Wine after a long discussion with Richard Leroy in 2005. Gaëtan followed the talks with a visit and for the first time, a winemaker didn’t take him directly into his winery: he took him and his family in his car to his vineyards to better understand where his wine comes from. At the time Gaëtan was a teacher, and he was intrigued why such a logical and educational approach had never been proposed to him before! This was beginning of something very special for Gaëtan.

Gaëtan later opened L’arbre à Bouteilles in April 2018. He made a radical change in his life from being a Physical Education teacher to running the cave alone. He was luckily energised by the support of his wife Catherine and children Hugo and Aubry, but going from a job with financial security to becoming a business owner, mostly fuelled by passion, wasn’t always the easiest change to the make.

Thankfully Gaëtan did make the change though, and now he stocks around a hundred natural references making L’Arbre à Bouteilles a place you have to visit next time you are in Nantes.

Find it on Raisin now!

L'Arbre à Bouteilles à Nantes L'Arbre à Bouteilles à Nantes

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