La Dispensa San Felice vin naturel

La Dispensa – San Felice del Benaco

In the heart of the idyllic, Italian village of San Felice del Benaco, on Lake Garda, you’ll find La Dispensa a hidden gem serving mouth watering food, and over 1000 natural wines. 

Described as a mix between a Parisian bistro and an Italian osteria, La Dispensa is run by Michele Bontempi @michibontempi, a tireless traveler, passionate about gastronomic and oenological excellence, travelling Italy and the world over in search of new artisan producers and the best quality products. 

He began his quest over 22 years ago, when he helped create La Dispensa with his father Roberto. The result: stunning, seasonal products, produced by specifically selected local artisans, dry aged meat that is matured in the cellar from pasture farms, and fish caught in the seas of the Italian peninsula. 

To respect and highlight these magnificent products, Michele has even invested in a Josper oven, which allows him to cook on the embers of the Garda olive trees.

Michele’s passion and attention to detail doesn’t stop at the food, quite the contrary, and this is where Michele will surprise you the most with a breathtaking selection of over 1,000 wines, 100% artisanal and largely natural, from Italy, France and around the world. Amongst many greats you’ll find the whole range of Marc Soyard from @domainedelacras, the superb orange wines of @Nikolas_Juretic or the natural bubbles of @Nicola_Gatta. There are no large estates served here, only small productions from winemakers, who produce wines without chemical or oenological input and without winemaking auxiliaries. In short, wines made just the way we like them.

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La Dispensa San Felice natural wine

La Dispensa San Felice vin naturel

La Dispensa San Felice vin naturel

La Dispensa San Felice vin naturel


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