La Dégust Nature – Toulon

Thierry Dubourg, is one of the pioneers of the natural wine scene in Paris. In 2010 he opened the renowned “L’amitié Rit” in Montreuil, selling only natural wines, and regularly exhibiting the work of artists he loved. He also organized two wine fairs a year, in spring and autumn, under the name ‘Naturisme’. To say he is actively promoting the natural wine scene would be an understatement.

In 2021 though, he moved to Toulon, where he originally grew up, and opened his new wine shop and bar, “La Dégust Nature“. Like Paris in 2010, natural wine isn’t popular or trendy yet in Toulon (there are only 6 natural wine establishments compared to Paris’ 500+), and Thierry is doing his best to expand and promote the scene and helping people discover the wines he is so passionate about.

“La Dégust Nature” has an amazing selection of natural wines, it’s exactly what you would expect from a veteran like Thierry. You can enjoy them in the bar or take them away. They serve tasty food, and Thierry has continued his love of art and regularly exhibits up and coming artists. He is even planning to relaunch his wine fairs next spring, this time in Toulon.

The world needs people like Thierry, who keep helping to organically grow the worlds love for natural wine (no pun intended). So if you are in Toulon, be sure to find ‘La Déguste Nature’ on Raisin and give him a visit. You won’t regret it!

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la degust nature toulon natural wine vin naturel

la degust nature toulon natural wine vin naturel

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