Drink. Eat. Read. at Zweig!

“Drink. Eat. Read.” is the way of life at Zweig, a new destination on the Raisin map in Kyiv, Ukraine!

The idea behind Zweig is to have an out of the ordinary yet relaxed place to hang out with friends and experience an artful cuisine, crafted cocktails, natural wine, and modern literature. Here everything is thoughtful and curated to go together in a space of beautiful interior design and friendly comfort.

On the eating and drinking front, expect fresh sourced ingredients from the forest used in the kitchen and cocktails: elderberry, wild violet, dandelions, and more! The menu changes each season in harmony with nature, and of course natural wine goes wonderfully with it.

Don’t forget the books! Zweig’s library is another part of the whole experience, and they even have a book sommelier to make the perfect pairing.

Enjoy 📚🍷🍹🌿

Porto has opened its eyes to natural wine and tasty food!
Welcome to SALTA!

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