Domaine Menina d’Uva : la jeune fille et le raisin.

Uva (“grape” in Portuguese) is a village in Northeast Portugal right on Spain’s edge, which reflects the impact of desertification that has hit the European agricultural world for decades. This village is where French born Aline Domingue’s family is from, where she spent her summers growing up, and now where she makes her wine.

Aline is a thoughtful, rather reserved, and extremely motivated person. It’s through her sheer force of determination that she’s succeeded in releasing her first wines. After receiving a diploma in fermentation research, working for a few months at Quinta do Romeu, and working through some harsh criticism, Aline produced her first wines in 2018. She symbolically named the estate “Menina d’Uva,” meaning “the girl from Uva,” and her production is inspired by the great potential of its indigenous grapes.

Aline tells us, “I traded Paris for a simple, rural life that has always drawn me in, with the aim of caring for and sharing the wonderful wine heritage of this region.” With the strength of her character and her arms, Aline is making waves and putting Uva on the map for natural wine. Força Menina d’Uva!

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