The Sabotage Natural Wine store in Kiev (Ukraine)

Discover Sabotage Wine store in Kiev, Ukraine.

Last October, in Kiev (Ukraine), was the grand opening of the Sabotage Wine store! Never heard of it? Well, let us be your guide! If you have never been to Ukraine, you might not know what to expect but one thing is sure: it has a florashing natural wine scene.

Sabotage Wine is a key player in town, they import and distribute natural wine, it is a one of a kind natural wine shop with over 1000 different wines. The shelves are endless, it’s like finding a treasure chest.

Their bar is constantly rotating wines that you can order by the glass as well, and guess what? They even have an app where you can order your wine and have it delivered to your door (often within the hour, if you are in Kiev).

They spend a huge amount of their time building relationships with winemakers around the world, they search, they travel, they shake hands, and they meet almost every winemaker they stock personally. It’s the only way they can be sure to keep the standards of their philosophy, the wines they stock don’t contain sulfites (almost), have minimum intervention, no additives, no pesticides or herbicides and spontaneous fermentation with indigenous yeasts.

Sabotage Wine is a team of 7 people and all of them share their passion and enthusiasm, if you get a chance, speak to Vitaliy while you are there, he is a walking wine encyclopedia!

But that’s not it, this February they will hold their second SuperNatural Wine festival with 100 natural winemakers and more than 3000 visitors are expected. In short: go to Kiev and visit Sabotage Wine!

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