Corto in Clitheroe!

Meet Corto, dubbed “the bar at the end of the world” by owner Katie Mather, located in her hometown of Clitheroe in Northwestern England. Corto represents a dream turned into a reality for Katie and her husband Tom, and is equally dreamy for you natural wine lovers out there.

On a trip to Spain, Katie and Tom discovered the term “corto,” which is a traditional small beer and afternoon snack. In her article, Katie writes: “We loved the spirit of sharing and snacking we found in León (Spain). No matter what, we wanted to bring a bit of that to Clitheroe: the eagerness to try something new, the excitement of a simple thing done well, the happiness of spending stretched-out afternoon-to-evening hours with people you love.”

This vision came to life in December 2020, and Corto has been successfully sharing their fabulous selection of natural wine, real ciders, craft beer, and tapas style dishes with Clitheroe ever since.

If you’re ever at the end of the world in Clitheroe, you have to stop by Corto for all the vibes! Check them out on the Raisin map🧀🍞🍷

For more of the story, read Katie’s article here:

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