Cave Pur Jus vin naturel

Cave Pur Jus – Larmor-Plage

Pur Jus was created by Tegwen Naveos aka “Teg”, a former Breton chef and sommelier with a passion for natural wine. At first his gourmet cooking led him to write his own cookbook, but he soon decided to hang up his apron and return to his first love: wine, or natural wine to be more exact.

In 2013, Pur Jus started as an online shop, but finally, to their customers delight, in 2022 they opened a physical shop in Larmor-Plage, Brittany. Teg was helped by his partner Hélène, a wine merchant, and equally huge natural wine enthusiast to make this happen. They are now a team of 5 people working together.

Pur Jus have a unique way of classifying their wines using their own Rock’n Roll index. They rate their wines from the straightest to the most punk! This classification allows their customers to find their way around the shelves, and find new wines that will suit their tastes.

When a customer buys a bottle at Pur Jus, it is also accompanied by a beautifully descriptive card with tasting notes, a caricature of the winemaker, and the winemaking process. A true collectors item!

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