It’s no secret that natural wine and music are a great pairing, and we love them together! So on that note, introducing BAR303: a natural wine + craft beer bar and record store (named after the famous Roland TB-303 drum machine used in electronic music)!!

Owners Alexandre and Thomas recognize that just like wine, music is meant to be shared, and BAR303 has an atmosphere designed just for that. In fact, music is what enabled these two lifelong friends to originally travel through Europe together, share unique musical experiences, and then inspired them to recreate those encounters at their place in Nantes. Here you can find a wide selection of natural wines, with 80 references from France, Catalonia, Italy, Hungary, Germany, Austria, natural Swedish & Danish bubbles, and new second-hand vinyls! And when the situation permits, BAR303 will soon offer events with DJ sets and themed tastings with winemakers. It’s all about listening and enjoying in a cozy environment with an amazing sound system. While waiting for the events to be on, the spot is open for takeaway!

Naturaliści in Krakow!
Sauvage and Lokal Biel!

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