As 2021 Enters its Last Days

As 2021 enters its last days and we begin to look back, it’s clear that this year has left a mark.

Not only the COVID pandemic but also the multiple disastrous weather conditions that caused the agricultural sector to suffer. We hope we can leave 2021 behind us and see real change next year. It is urgent that we begin to think of tomorrow, today. We must envision a new model, for a new relationship with the living world. 2022, we have arrived. At Raisin our aim is to create a useful tool that allows everyone to consume differently, anywhere in the world. To choose local shops that offer quality, seasonal and often organic products, restaurants, bars, wineries where you can find wines from winegrowers who already offer an alternative to intensive viticulture and additives that dominate wine production. Yes, it can change the world.

If you also believe in the work we are doing, we invite you to become part of this adventure by becoming a shareholder in Raisin. Today and until midnight tonight, only. Our goal is quite simple: we want to change the rules of the game so that everyone can enjoy natural wine. Join us by investing on

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Welcome to REWINED in Rennes, France!
Only 48 hours left!

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