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Andi Weigand – MTH


#sipthis – MTH by Andi Weigand

Have you tried MTH? Andi Weigand’s already legendary Müller Thurgau. At a this years Plopp wine fair in Frankfurt, whispers seemed to pass from person to person, ‘have you tasted Andi Weigand’s wines yet? You have to try MTH.’ The way the name is pronounced sounded like ‘Myth’ which only added to the allure.

This golden coloured nectar has herbal notes mixed with lemon zest and an edge of smokeyness on the nose. As you taste, you are hit with a crisp, refreshing acidity, zippy citrus flavours, green apple and melon. The clean freshness mixed with a round creaminess is almost reminiscent of a Jura chardonnay and the long acidity makes it tough to stop drinking.

The 62 year old Müller Thurgau vines have a low canopy, like something you’d see in Burgundy, to keep the grapes healthy and tasty. ‘These might be the oldest Müller Thurgau grapes you can taste’ says Andi. Their age has given them time to grow deep roots, creating resistance from droughts. The roots push through the Keuper soil, which is an old and unique stone, that helps give the wine its herbal, spicy, freshness.

The handpicked grapes are pressed in a 100 year old basket press, then fermented spontaneously in oak barrels and left on the lees for 9 months. Andi Weigand wines are zero-zero meaning no sulphur, no filtration, nothing added.

Andi is one of the most exciting natural winemakers in Germany. He is part of a new generation of German winemakers that interestingly all studied wine together in Geisenheim university for conventional viticulture. Andi Mann, Max Dexheimer, Marto (Martin Wörner), Jason Bergkloster, Philipp Freitag discovered natural wine together while travelling in France and are now pushing the scene to new levels. Together with the likes of Brand Bros, Glow Glow, Stefan Vetter, Jonas Dostert, among others, they are really putting Germany on the map as a top destination for Natural Wine.

Prost! 🍷

Country: Germany Region: Franken

Grapes: Müller Thurgau

Vintage: 2020

Music pairing: Digable Planets – Rebirth of Slick


andi weigand natural wine vin naturel andi weigand natural wine vin naturel andi weigand natural wine vin naturel andi weigand natural wine vin naturel

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