A new version of Raisin is now available

And it is a major release, with lots of improvements on all levels! Here are the three most important enhancements:

1 – Our brand new winemaker index where you’ll find pictures (when available) + location information for all winemakers.
2 – Keep track of the all wines you drank and the winemakers (« I drank it too » icon on winemaker) on all sections of the app.
3 – Identify other users in your comments using @ + username (e.g:@kevinmaas). This automatically creates a notification.

You will also enjoy:
– Improved login and sign-in process
– Japanese version now available
– Many minor fixes you won’t notice immediately but you will definitely enjoy.

Let us know what you think about it by writing to: mailto:[email protected].

🖐️ Help finance Raisin: the natural wine app for Android
Raisin V2 is yours!

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