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8th edition of Maîtresses de Chai

One of the distinctive features of the natural wine movement is the impressive number of women winemakers. Since 2008, Jeanne Versant Vins organizes a yearly tasting weekend dedicated to passionate vigneronnes. Raisin is a fan!

8th edition of Maîtresses de Chai

8th edition of Maîtresses de Chai

Marie Lottin Chateau Bas – Coteaux d’Aix / Isabelle Perraud Les Côtes de la Molière – Beaujolais & Macon / Anne Leclerc Paillet Autour de l’Anne – Languedoc / Laurence Joly La Roche Buissière – Rhône / Nathalie Banes – Beaujolais / Ariane Lesne – Coteaux du Vendomois / Catherine Montanet Domaine Montanet Thoden – Bourgogne
There will also be a woman in charge of the cash register: no other than Olivia Mann, our Raisin representative for Spain. Yes, her again!

An excellent tasting, don’t miss it!

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