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500 Recommended Establishments in Paris!

🍷Raise your glasses for Paris! 🍷

Paris continues to hold the crown as the capital of natural wine worldwide and we are excited to announce that there are now more than 500 recommended establishments to choose from on Raisin!

There’s no shortage of places to explore in the city’s vibrant and diverse natural wine scene. From rustic bistros and chic bars, to trendy restaurants and specialized wine shops, there’s something for everyone.

In 2016, when it launched, Raisin only had 260 locations. Since then, bars, restaurants and wine shops have popped up and spread from the east to the west of Paris with no sign of slowing down. What people used to call a trend is now normalised among Parisians, who continue to prioritise natural, artisanal, seasonal and environmentally friendly products. It is also championed by the new wave of chefs and sommeliers, who want wines that match their committed and authentic cuisine. As for consumers, with 500 locations, they can now choose to only go where natural wine is available.

We are witnessing a major change, at a large scale, and many pioneers and long convinced natural wine drinkers probably never thought they would see it happen. Small producers are taking over an entire market leaving almost no space for the big ones, isn’t it amazing and beautiful?!

In France, Paris remains the most influential city, and what happens there, usually infuses on what happens elsewhere in the country, and even though Paris remains at the helm in number of establishments (bars, restaurants and wine shops), many cities and capitals around the world are heading in the same direction!

This is such great news and we are delighted to share it with you at the start of this new year. Vive le vin naturel !

Sept Winery - Lebanon
L'Ivresse des Profondeurs - Val de Combrès

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