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Bago Wine Bar – Faro

Bago Wine Bar opened on April 12, 2022. Its owner, Rui Martins, moved from Lisbon to Faro 25 years ago with a degree in hotel management and a passion for wines. He always dreamed of owning a wine bar, and when he couldn’t find anything for wine lovers in Faro, he decided to rent a place and transform it into a unique wine bar. He finally opened it last year.

Bago Wine Bar stands out because it exclusively serves Portuguese wines in top-quality glasses, while still maintaining a relaxed atmosphere. It also offers 30 different natural wines, previously unavailable in Faro, which can be served indoors or in the outdoor lounge where customers can enjoy ambient music during the day or night.

In addition to wine, Bago Wine Bar serves a variety of food, including cheeses, smoked ham, salads, foie gras, canned goods, and hot dishes such as rabbit, chicken, and partridge.

Although natural wine is not yet popular in Faro, Bago Wine Bar is doing its best to introduce it to the local community. They always have around 10 different wine references open to serve by the glass, so you can easily discover new winemakers. Many foreigners who visit the wine bar from other countries already appreciate natural wines and come with an open mind to try Portuguese ones that they might not yet know.

On Friday nights, live music is also performed, so if you like a good atmosphere, good wines, and food, this might be the place for you!

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