300K-downloads- Raisin natural wine app vin naturel


This year, an average of 250 new daily users joined Raisin on the search for the best places to enjoy natural wine and delicious food!

We’re so proud to be a part of the natural wine movement, and so happy to see it growing and growing, with no sign of slowing down! Soon will be our biggest launch yet; our new website. However, none of it would have been achievable without the support and trust of our amazing users and establishments owners subscribing to our plans. Allowing us to keep pinpointing bars, restaurants and wine shops all around the world.

When Raisin first launched in 2016, we never would have dreamed that people all over the planet would be using our application. We even have users that don’t drink wine, that use Raisin to find the best restaurants, because they know natural wine is always an indicator of a great place to eat.

Today we reference 6383 establishments in 56 countries. In each establishment you can find a wine selection that is at least 30% natural and most of the time much higher. The best thing, the number of establishments is still growing every day!

There is still plenty of work to do, but we just wanted to take a moment to raise a glass and give thanks to all of you, to our team, and volunteers who have made it all possible ❤️ Cheers!

Natural Wine Fest 2023 - Brno - Czech Republic

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