All Canada’s Natural Wine Bars, Restaurants and Wine Shops!

All Canada’s Natural Wine Bars, Restaurants and Wine Shops!

Let’s head north, taking off for Canada! We’ve been gathering establishments where you’ll easily find natural wine in this country. Francophone Montreal leads in terms of number of establishments, but as in the USA, the East coast is where the natural wine world is most active: Toronto, Ottawa, Québec. Go discover them, happiness is just a wine glass away!

High five to Joe Beef, a pioneer of the Canadian natural wine movement, for his precious support in ensuring these establishments match our criteria (at least 30% of natural wine in their offer). We encourage you to discover Joe’s establishments.

Fermented grape juice is gaining exposure in the land of maple sirup!

Thank you Olivia for your hard work and help on translations.


Hello american friends – today we are giving a shout-out to the usa for their 230 and counting natural wine establishments! Including 40 new hot spots for natural wine that we can’t wait for you to check out.

NYC is still in the lead with 85, but raisin is recognizing more and more cities in the 50 states with natural wine: Washington D.C., Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Portland, Seattle, LA, and San Francisco…to name a few.

With so many states to see and more natural wine to drink, we are very thankful for the help from our American friend Andrew Krell, as well as the amazing work of our new and first intern, Natalie Swimmer. Not forgetting all of you dear users who keep on submitting new natural wine establishments in the USA!


HOWDY! Today we have published establishments where you will find natural wine in the USA. Let’s be clear, these are establishments where you are sure to find at least 30% of natural wine. New-York remains the most active city with more than 70 wine stores, restaurants and bars referenced; San-Francisco, Oakland and Los Angeles are also very active. The natural wine movement is gaining momentum throughout the country from Chicago to Portland, from Detroit to Austin, etc. Raisin recommends over 130 establishments in the USA, isn’t that wonderful?

We’d like to thank all the people who helped make this possible, starting with DC from the The Punchdown in San Francisco, Christina Gibbs in Detroit, Marko Kovac, Jenny & François, Nath Alves, Olivia Mann, Emma Bentley. Last but not least, our dear representative in the USA: Andrew Krell! Big thanks to all of you!

We are almost at 1200 establishments referenced, and work is constantly in progress!

+1000 establishments where you’ll find natural wine!

+1000 establishments where you’ll find natural wine!

Just to make sure you won’t have to go to scary « conventional » establishments for a drink, we have completed most important cities in Italy: Venice, Rome, Florence, Milan, Bologna, Parma, etc.
Not going to Italy? No problem! We also recommend more than +1000 establishments where they have at least 30% of natural wine available. France including Paris, New-York city, London, Japan including Tokyo, Spain where Barcelona has plenty of great bars and restaurants where you can spend a good time, drinking wonderful wines!

Thanks to Emma Bentley, Christophe Fustinoni, Alessandro Zampieri and to Wine Live for helping us compile the Italian map (still under construction).

Do you know a place where they propose at least 30% of natural wine? Let us know: [email protected]

Note: we also are taking a break after a very intense first year on Raisin. We read all your emails but will only reply to them in August. Thanks to all our users!

Wine Calling

Wine Calling: The Awesome Natural Wine documentary!

First of all, head to this website: and play the video to discover the best looking natural wine movie trailer ever made! But this is only a trailer, to make this movie we need to make sure we reach the 20,000 euro target. Happily, only a few euros are missing (about 700€) to make this movie real!

What is Wine Calling? A documentary film entirely dedicated to natural wine & good music. Wine calling will be filmed this summer in the Languedoc Rousillon region and will feature Loïc Roure (Domaine du Possible), Jean-François Nicq (Les Foulards Rouges), Laurence Manya Krief called “Yoyo” (Domaine Yoyo, Jean-Sébatien Gioan (Domaine Potron-Minet à Trouillas), Michaël Georget (Domaine du Temps retrouvé), Stéphane Morin (Domaine Léonine) during the 2016 harvest. Isn’t it an amazing winemaker list? We definitely think, so. Help us back this project, let’s make sure it happens!

Bulles au Centre : Sparkling time! – July 17th

Bulles au Centre : Sparkling time! – July 17th

Summer is finally here and we hope it will stay that way for the famous wine tasting called Bulles au Centre !”Bulles au Centre” means Bubbles in central France and the wine makers will all be presenting at least one sparkling wine during this event: wines, beer, cider, Saké, etc. If you are up for a bubbly time, head to Montrichard (near Tours) on July 17th, we guarantee you’ll have a great time!


FRANCE : ANJOU Delmée & Martin / BANYULS Duchêne / BEAUJOLAIS France Gonzalvez. / BOURGOGNE Altaber / BRETAGNE En Bulles Lentes / BUGEY Perron / CHEVERNY Clos du Tue-Boeuf, Sevin, Tessier, Villemade / COTEAUX DU LOIR Guettier / COTEAUX DU VENDÔMOIS Lesné / GAILLAC Causse Marines, Cantalauze / ISÈRE Brasserie de Chartreuse / JASNIÈRES Gaubicher / LANGUEDOC Hérédia / LIMOUX Beirieu / MONTLOUIS Chanson, Delecheneau, Jousset, Prével, Saumon / MUSCADET Landron & Pescheux / NORMANDIE Zangs / SAINT-JOSEPH Delobre / SAUMUR Bobinez & Calvez, Foubert / TOURAINE Bellange, Bonhomme, Bouges, Les Capriades, Gillet, Leclerc. Lemasson, Maître & Saint-Léger, Brasserie de la Pigeonnelle, Pineau, Quastana, Thibault / VOUVRAY Autran, Brunet, Carême, Cosme, Cosme & Brutout, Perrault & Jadaud

SOUTH AFRICA Hawkins / SPAIN Bodega Cueva / GEORGIA Bitarishvili, Okruashvili, Wurdeman / ITALY Casa Coste Piane, Cattel, Rizzardi / JAPAN Brasserie Shinkame / SLOVENIA Cotar + Perme et Utarcl

Many craftsmen and artists will also be there!

July 17th 2016: tasting and sales from 11:00 AM to 19:00 PM
Open to all / acces to the tasting (engraved glass included): 5 €


Spain is buzzing: H2O Vegetal and The Natural World of Wine

Spain is buzzing: H2O Vegetal and The Natural World of Wine

H2O Vegetal 2016:

H2O Vegetal, the wine fair with nothing added or taken away, has been taking place close to Tarragona. If you’re lucky you can still get there today, before 18:00. A great line up of course, with winemakers from throughout Europe and even from Japan and Mexico!

Map :
Website H2O Vegetal

The World of Natural Wine

In Barcelona on June 28th and 29th, there is a technical seminar for professionals only « The World of Natural Wine » organized by the associations « AVN » and « Vi Integral » and by the Catalan Institute of Natural History. The seminar is organized to exchange on the keys points which characterize the world of natural wines:
1- The earth and the winemaker / 2- The cellar and the winemaker / 3- Society and wine.
A vast programme where Spanish, French and Georgian producers will be present.

Many thanks to Clara Isamat who will be moderating the seminar for sharing all this information with Raisin.

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