Label Grand Karakterre 5 - Vienna - December 3rd

Label Grand Karakterre 5 – Vienna – December 3rd

There is a possibility that you don’t yet know Label Grand Karakterre, but if you are active on social networks like us, you know Marko Kovac! On a daily basis, he posts and shares about the best winemakers and wines you can imagine. Marko has also been very active in providing us new locations to add to Raisin. If you live in eastern Europe, many of the locations displayed on Raisin were submitted by Marko. We are very grateful for your help Marko!

Label Grand Karakterre 5 - Vienna - December 3rd
Label Grand Karakterre 5 – Vienna – December 3rd

For the past 5 years, he has been doing his best to promote natural wine in Austria. The fifth edition of Label Grand Karakterre is a real celebration of what true wine artisans can do, everywhere in Europe. Austria, Germany, France, Italy, Slovenia, go and check the list of growers who will be there, it is very impressive. For the lucky ones who can make it, this is the one event you should not miss.

Saturday, December 3 at 12 PM – 11:55 PM – Facebook event page

MUMOK – Museum moderner Kunst Wien
Museumsplatz 1, 1070 Vienna, Austria

12.00-19.00 hours
Entry fee 35 euros + 15 euros glass deposit

Winegrower dinner:
Join in for 25 euros

OFF: Rootstock festival!

OFF: Rootstock festival!

Australia is warming up for the Rootstock festival and there are lots of special dinners, parties and tastings organized in some of the great establishments recommended by Raisin, so get yourselves bookings and get ready to meet the winemakers up-close and enjoy their wonderful wines!

Thursday 24th November:

Bar Brose Sydney – A night with the Bornards,father and son from the Jura

Friday 25th November:

Billy Kwong Restaurant Sydney – From the Qvevri to the Veil dinner, showcasing winemakers John Wurdeman and John Okruashvili from Georgia, Olek Bondonio from Piedmont, Jean-Jacques Morel from Burgundy and Laura Siebel, Domaine de La Pinte from the Jura

Bar Brose Sydney – Piceno Party, showcasing Manuel Moraga, Roberto Henriquez and Mauricio Gonzalez from Chile

Monday 28th November:

Kirks Melbourne – Apéro Down Under featuring Zélige Caravent from the Languedoc, Domaine de la Pinte from the Jura and Jarad Curwood and Sam Vinciullo from Australia

ACME Sydney – Clever Polly’s Pop up. The Clever Polly’s team from Melbourne are coming to Sydney for a special Omakase meal featuring their own wine Yume

Tuesday 29th November:

Marquis of Lorne Melbourne – Après Salon informal after party trade tasting with heaps of international and local producers

Automata Restaurant Sydney – “In the Flesh!” Producer diner featuring Domaine de la Pinte and Zélige Caravent

Thursday 1st December:

Cult of the Vine Melbourne – four hands dinner showcasing the wines of Olek Bondonio and Giorgio de Maria from Piedmont.

The Oak Barrel Sydney – Domaine de la Pinte Master Class – Facebook

There are also chances you meet Charles Simpson and Olivia Mann, our representatives for Raisin who will be there, too!

Vini, Birre, Ribelli: Brussels is the place to be!

Vini, Birre, Ribelli: Brussels is the place to be!

The third edition of Vini, Birre, Rubella (VBR) will take place on November 26th and 27th 2016, in Brussels.

Only sustainable, organic and natural products will be available, but just in case you were wondering, craft beers and natural wines will steal the show!
Belgian friends get ready: Raisin will be there too (Emma Bentley, Nathalie Alves, Tom Vandevenne & Jean-Hugues Bretin = team page) and will not only be giving away posters but also showcasing our new app. We have a V2 preview demo up and running!

posters Raisin
posters Raisin

Don’t miss this event, one of the biggest wine tastings in Europe.

More info here: Vini, Birre, Ribelli

All Australia’s Natural Wine Bars, Restaurants and Wine Shops!

All Australia’s Natural Wine Bars, Restaurants and Wine Shops!

You’ll now find all the places where you can drink natural wine in the southern hemisphere are in the app, well nearly! Our latest release is getting us close.

Australia has seen an explosion in the number of establishments (bars, wine shops, restaurants) in the past couple of years. From Melbourne to Sydney via Canberra including the island of Tasmania, we have more than 60 places to drink natural wine (with a minimum of 30%) and counting. And it’s no coincidence that Charly Simpson and Olivia Mann (who have spent long hours preparing this map) will be in Sydney for the famous Rootstock fair on November 26th and 27th.

To discover more than one hundred new locations throughout the world, it is necessary to update the application.


On your phone > App Store app > bottom right UPDATE, if nothing is displayed, your app is up to date, otherwise tap on UPDATE button.

fermentacion espontanea

Fermentación Espontánea – Most Festival, Sunday Nov. 6th

If you are near Barcelona this Sunday November 6th, you should head to Villafranca del Penes for the Most Festivalfor the grand premier of « Fermentation Espontánea » by our friend, photographer and sommelier Clara Isamat who documents a year spent in their vines with 11 natural winemakers from across Spain. After the projection, you will be able to taste wines from the artisans in the film; a unique projection with a happy ending! 
If you can’t make it on Sunday, you can follow the project because the film will be subtitled and available on-line soon. Her book “Raíces del vino natural, un año de viña » (roots of natural wine, a year in the vines) will also be released this month). Amazing work Clara!

Watch trailer