A True Sicilian Gem

Arianna Occhipinti’s SP68 Bianco, a true Sicilian gem that embodies the land (chalky, Vittorian soils) down to its roots.

Occhipinti farms biodynamically, never irrigates, uses only native yeasts, no new oak, and solely delicious Sicilian varietals – like this Albarello & Moscato blend.

storefront Meinklang

Have you seen this sticker?

Have you seen this sticker? A tell tale sign of natural wine, quality/seasonal/organic food, and perhaps the perfect bottle of rosé (like this sparkling Meinklang) for summer time!

For more information about purchasing a storefront sticker (available only for registered Raisin establishments) or about becoming a featured bar, wine shop, or restaurant, email us at place@raisin.digital ! 🍷🍸🍽


A little “Post Flirtation” from Martha Stoumen

Feeling a little “Post Flirtation” with these cuvées from Martha Stoumen, a rather new winemaker on the Raisin map, and a rising star of Mendocino County and beyond. 

“Founded upon the desire to recapture a farming and winemaking culture that has all but faded away: a winemaking culture of patience…Above all, I strive to make wines that are delicious, joyful, and truly representative of California.”



Raisin is headed to Austin, and ready to get a little wild for Wild World this weekend! 🎉 

We are so excited to be part of this festival’s debut, surrounded by an awesome crew of natural winemakers from Texas and beyond. Catch us at the Raisin tent for posters, badges, storefront stickers, or just to say cheers🍷



ROSZA FROM WEINGUT ALEXANDER KOPPITSCH – NATALIE’S WINE OF THE WEEK! The temperature is getting warmer, and my thirst for juicy, vibrant, and delicious rosé is turning up with it – it’s definitely a good time to whip out one of my new favorites from Weingut Alexander Koppitsch – “Rosza” – meaning “pink” in Hungarian, naturally.

The story of Koppitsch can be traced back to 500 years of natural winemaking in the beautiful hills and lake shores of Neusiedl am See, where 6 hectares of family tradition, the inspiration of Rudolf Steiner’s biodynamics, and hand-crafted motto makes up this domaine. The soils are limestone, clay, and nothing is done to take away from the purity produced here!

Koppitsch makes two different styles of wine – The “Authentisch” which are known for being the glou-glou type, lightly filtered, and minimal amounts of sulfur added. Then there is the completely unfiltered, zero sulfur added, longer fermented category, which is where this luscious rosé lands.

My first sip of this wine tasted like bright raspberry and cherry sunshine, and melted into a deeper ripe plum with a linear acidity and overall amazing juiciness. If you want candy in a wine glass, this is a good bet. All 5 grapes (Zweigelt, Blaufrankish, St. Laurent, Pinot Noir, and Syrah) are co-fermented, and matured on lees for 6 months. The result is a playful rosé in spirit, with a lot of personality to go with it. One sip will take you to the beach chair pictured on the label, right in the heart of Burgenland 🍬🍒☀️