Going for the MariGOLD  ⭐ in Rome!

Going for the MariGOLD   in Rome!

“Our menu changes everyday and reflects our philosophy for real, simple food. We make everything here. Our coffee is roasted in Rome, and we pour only natural Italian wines. We choose organic, seasonal ingredients that we source from small business in Italy or we forage from Rome’s backyard.” –Marigold Roma

They’ve said it all, make sure to go try all of this for yourself and get the true taste of Roma! 🇮🇹


Meet Paul Carricaburu!

At the heart of a little domaine called Espilako Xuria, right in the pastoral paradise of Ascarat in the Pyrenees Atlantic, is where winemaker Paul Carricaburu made his first white Irouleguy wine – from Gros manseng, Petit Manseng, and Petit courbu.

And to let you in on a little secret, he’s mastered it from the start! A must try 😉


The 2020 Raisin storefront sticker has arrived!

The 2020 Raisin storefront sticker has arrived! Because where we find natural wine… seasonal, local, and often organic products are not far behind! Because where we drink well, we eat well too (and the other way around isn’t always the case).

This storefront sticker is sold only to establishments that have at least 30% natural wine: verified by our team through the wine list + photos to match. When you see this storefront sticker in a window, you can be sure that you are among wines from winemakers whose production is respectful of both the environment and the consumer, and that’s why we love supporting them!

Professionals: While we may not have scientific data to prove it, we have received a huge amount of positive responses from establishments to confirm the undeniable impact on visitors + sales with the Raisin storefront sticker in their window. Whether they recognize the Raisin logo or are drawn in by the mention of natural wine, it’s sure to intrigue. Even more so, purchasing this sticker means supporting an independent, autonomous organization that does not advertise, and does not sell or rent the data of its users. 

If you are a pro with a Raisin establishment and you would like to order a sticker, send an email to: and get 20% off for those who bought the 2019 sticker – we have a file 😉