As 2021 Enters its Last Days

As 2021 enters its last days and we begin to look back, it’s clear that this year has left a mark.

Not only the COVID pandemic but also the multiple disastrous weather conditions that caused the agricultural sector to suffer. We hope we can leave 2021 behind us and see real change next year. It is urgent that we begin to think of tomorrow, today. We must envision a new model, for a new relationship with the living world. 2022, we have arrived. At Raisin our aim is to create a useful tool that allows everyone to consume differently, anywhere in the world. To choose local shops that offer quality, seasonal and often organic products, restaurants, bars, wineries where you can find wines from winegrowers who already offer an alternative to intensive viticulture and additives that dominate wine production. Yes, it can change the world.

If you also believe in the work we are doing, we invite you to become part of this adventure by becoming a shareholder in Raisin. Today and until midnight tonight, only. Our goal is quite simple: we want to change the rules of the game so that everyone can enjoy natural wine. Join us by investing on

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Only 48 hours left!

Only 48 hours left! That’s right, only 48 hours left to help us move forward faster, and further than ever before!

Again and again, we would like to thank all of you who helped us reach our initial fundraising goal. Thanks to you, we can plan the the next 18 months with serenity and excitment. For everyone else, you only have 48 hours left If you want to invest, Investment closes at 22/12, midnight, by CREDIT CARD :

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We are now at 99% of our goal!

A big THANK YOU to all the investors who have supported us and to all the new ones planning to do so!

We are now at 99% of our goal! If you are still interested in investing, it’s not too late, so please proceed as quickly as possible’ 🤗. Going beyond this goal would allow us to achieve even more in an even shorter time.⏳
If you would like to support us, the final dates are:
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The Sabotage Natural Wine store in Kiev (Ukraine)

Discover Sabotage Wine store in Kiev, Ukraine.

Last October, in Kiev (Ukraine), was the grand opening of the Sabotage Wine store! Never heard of it? Well, let us be your guide! If you have never been to Ukraine, you might not know what to expect but one thing is sure: it has a florashing natural wine scene.

Sabotage Wine is a key player in town, they import and distribute natural wine, it is a one of a kind natural wine shop with over 1000 different wines. The shelves are endless, it’s like finding a treasure chest.

Their bar is constantly rotating wines that you can order by the glass as well, and guess what? They even have an app where you can order your wine and have it delivered to your door (often within the hour, if you are in Kiev).

They spend a huge amount of their time building relationships with winemakers around the world, they search, they travel, they shake hands, and they meet almost every winemaker they stock personally. It’s the only way they can be sure to keep the standards of their philosophy, the wines they stock don’t contain sulfites (almost), have minimum intervention, no additives, no pesticides or herbicides and spontaneous fermentation with indigenous yeasts.

Sabotage Wine is a team of 7 people and all of them share their passion and enthusiasm, if you get a chance, speak to Vitaliy while you are there, he is a walking wine encyclopedia!

But that’s not it, this February they will hold their second SuperNatural Wine festival with 100 natural winemakers and more than 3000 visitors are expected. In short: go to Kiev and visit Sabotage Wine!


Wild World is back!!

When Wild World was born back in 2019 in Austin, we here at Raisin were thrilled to see a wine fair in the US completely devoted to natural wine and naturally fermented beverages. From Texas to New York, Wild World has always been one of a kind, supportive of the community that we champion here at Raisin, and proud to highlight true artisans of the vine.

With that being said, we’re extra excited to announce that we’re once again partnering with Wild World as they host their first festival since 2019 on Monday, November 1st 2021 at Strong Rope Brewery in Red Hook, Brooklyn!

WILD WORLD is back to welcome producers who are committed to fermenting beverages and foods with wild yeast and bacteria. It’s one hell of a good time, and unlike other natural wine and beer festivals, it’s also a fact-finding mission that seeks to debunk myths of “natural” fermentation where necessary and break down the barriers that have long divided beverage communities. This is your chance to taste a wide selection of natural wines, craft beer, cider, and mead from around the world, and attend panel discussions between key members of the industry.

Head to Wild World’s website, and get your tickets now:



Sophie came from the music world, and Anne-Laure from fashion. They both changed paths, to open a cool and festive place where they could enjoy alive wine and music together with friends… Fro. Paris Est was born!

Their journey started two summers ago, when the two got on their bikes and set out to meet several producers. Meeting winemakers in different regions was just how they made their selection for the shop, along with the help of Anne-Laure’s mother who happens to have some vines in Champagne.

Covid and money slowed down their search for a spot, but didn’t stop them! So Sophie and Anne-Laure originally began FRO. PARIS EST as a delivery service by bike covering Eastern Paris, and gradually expanded to the whole city. When they came across an old stamp shop in the 9th arrondissement in Paris (10 Rue de Maubeuge), they knew this would be the perfect place to turn into a home for their selection of records, magazines, and natural wines – all of their interests in one!

Their concept is to have a wine selection on the smaller side, and change up the references on the regular. They also aim to offer affordable prices to make their products accessible, for people to discover and enjoy natural wines. The shop is meant to be a meeting place, where Sophie and Anne-Laure hold events once a week: from magazine or record releases to wine tasting nights to dj sets, they do it all at FRO. ! Speaking of, on October 22nd and 23rd they will be hosting a mini festival to celebrate the fall and highlight some of the producers they work with amongst live music and delicious things to taste, don’t miss it!