Le Chateau de ma Reum natural wine paris

Le Chateau de ma Reum – Paris

In the heart of Montmartre, a stone’s throw from the Abbesses, Le Chateau de ma Reum is a hidden gem, designed to feel like the terraces of Provence.

Originally from Châteauneuf-du-Pape, the owner, Stan, offers natural wines from the South of France, Provence, Corsica, the Rhone Valley, Languedoc-Roussillon and a little bit of Savoie too!

After working in the restaurant business in both London and Paris, with a wine merchant diploma in hand, he discovered natural wines at the Cave de Belleville where he worked for over two years.

Now at Château de ma Reum, you can find some well known wines like Souhaut, Gramenon or Arena, but also lots of new unknown and up and coming winemakers: Pauline Maziou, Johann Tete ou Justine Vigne , to name a few! Stan often travels back sound to the sunshine to bring back great drinks with friends. Everything is available to go, but you are also welcome to stay in the charming surroundings of Montmartre.

Le Chateau de ma Reum are making environmentally conscious choices of food, drink and recycling. You can come here for a drink, to eat some sunny specialities. Or you can grab your bottle to go, and place yourself in Sacré-Coeur and enjoy it.

Find Château de ma Reum on Raisin now!

Photos: Marielle Gaudry

Le Chateau de ma Reum natural wine paris

Le Chateau de ma Reum natural wine paris

Le Chateau de ma Reum natural wine paris

Aaron Ayscough natural wine book

The World of Natural Wine: What It Is, Who Makes It, and Why It Matters

Aaron Ayscough’s new book ‘The World of Natural Wine: What It Is, Who Makes It, and Why It Matters.’ is out now.

You may have heard of Aaron Ayscough in the past or at least read his excellent blog https://notdrinkingpoison.com/ which has long been a reference for natural wine lovers. In his first book, Aaron continues his in depth research into the natural wine movement from it’s origins in Paris and the Beaujolais in the mid-1980s, to the future exciting winemakers to keep an eye on and make sure that you try.

The book is filled with pages and pages of meticulous and extremely interesting research about the most important natural winemakers in France, plus chapters about how to taste natural wine, serve natural wine, and where to find natural wine (without forgetting Raisin of course! 🙂)

You also get an in depth look at how natural wine is made, what exactly is natural viticulture, and at the different wine movements happening around Europe.

This is the perfect guide and reference for both professionals and newcomers to the natural wine scene, everything is explained clearly, and is so easy to understand while being filled with pro tips, and exciting insights.

This book is truly a must read for all natural wine lovers!


Aaron Ayscough natural wine book

Aaron Ayscough natural wine book

Aaron Ayscough natural wine book

wild world natural wine fair new york

Wild World – New York – 2022

Wild World is back! November 14 on the Red Hook waterfront at Strong Rope Brewery from 12 to 7.

Wild World is a festival dedicated to natural fermentation! Natural wines & ciders, spontaneous beer, fermented foods & more!

This New York addition will have more than 50 natural fermentors showcasing their amazing craft alongside special guests like Alice Feiring (author of Natural Wine for the People) and Garrett Oliver the American brewer and beer author.

Wild World is one of the only wine fairs which showcases a true US line up of winemakers, and of course it’s organised by true natural wine lovers.

Raisin is proud to support them and we can’t wait to see you all there!


Eric Morain quitte son métier d’avocat

Eric Morain Retires From Being a Lawyer

On Saturday, August 27th, Eric Morain announced that he was leaving his job as a lawyer, disillusioned by the disturbing collapse of the judicial system as a whole. Justice loses one of its best lawyers. The natural wine world does as well.

From this point of view, losing Eric Morain is very, very, bad news. We cannot forget that Eric has led and won many battles and court cases with exemplary winemakers: Olivier Cousin, Emmanuel Giboulot, Alexandre Bain, Sébastien David, etc. Eric has always been there to support the natural wine movement and its activists (Raisin included) in the face of injustice. We would like to honour his excellence, his eloquence, his sense of justice and his integrity, which have made such a difference to so many. Not to mention his sense of humour, his compassion and his penmanship, which we hope to continue to follow on Twitter and elsewhere!

Because Eric remains one of the most fervent and brilliant representatives of natural wine, and gastronomy that goes with it. We wish him all the best for the future and we sincerely hope he will be happy in his next endeavours!

More information on Eric Morain’s Twitter account.


Alice Feiring To Fall in Love, Drink This

Alice Feiring – To Fall in Love, Drink This

Alice Feiring, is a breath of fresh air in the often stuffy genre of ‘wine writing’. The James Beard Award winner and author of ‘Natural Wine for the People’, ‘Dirty Guide to Wine’, to name a few, is back with her newest book ‘To Fall in Love, Drink This’.

This book is a collection of insightful and entertaining personal stories, from her parents divorce, to serial killers, to lockdown. All beautifully told with humour, pain, romance, joy and of course wine. Each story is accompanied by an easy to understand wine take-away designed to answer the questions of everyday wine lovers.

‘Alice Feiring is a special sort of wine writer—the kind who dares to disagree with wine “experts,” and who believes wholeheartedly that the best wine writing is about life.’

vin te faire boire nantes vin naturel natural wine

Vin te Faire Boire in Nantes !

Are you looking for a warm, cosy, welcoming bar with over 200 natural, biodynamic and organic wines to choose from? What about 80+ craft beers and farm ciders? Do you also want the option of being able to drink in or take away? Vin te Faire Boire in Nantes might just be the exact place you’ve been looking for!

Owners Manon and Antoine have created a bar that is a beautiful, mish-mash, of different pieces of furniture and artwork, a boho-chic design, which makes you feel right at home. You can even grab wine on tap, and a tasty tapas menu to pair with it.

Antoine is the sommelier, cavist, known as the ‘nose’ of the team. He knows what he sells inside and out, and he keeps no secrets. In fact, he loves sharing as much information as he can about each of the drinks they sell. Manon on the other hand holds together the creative side of the business. Creating a universe through her original graphic and visual design.

Vin te Faire Boire also regularly hosts meetings with winemakers, concerts, DJ sets, theatre, exhibits and stand up comedy. In short, it’s an exciting place to be in Nantes and definitely worth a visit!

You can find it on Raisin now.

vin te faire boire nantes vin naturel natural wine

vin te faire boire nantes vin naturel natural wine

vin te faire boire nantes vin naturel natural wine

vin te faire boire nantes vin naturel natural wine