Naturaliści in Krakow!

Naturaliści is a must try when in Krákow, and you’re going to want to meet our friend behind it all:  the shop owner, natural wine importer, distributer, and blogger extraordinaire, Joseph Di Blasi!

A California native with a stint in Norway that led him to the beautiful discovery of natural wine in 2006…and the rest is history. Joseph spent some time traveling between Norway and Poland, but eventually moved to Krákow and started his import company and small shop which also distributes throughout all of Poland, Naturaliści, in the heart of Kazimierz in 2014! Joseph proudly states, “We are the first importers to focus on natural wine in Poland, and it was very hard for the first 5 years.” Joseph calls himself a bit of a purist when it comes to natural wine, hence the name of the company meaning “The Naturalists.” Good thing his passion and continuous exploration of the natural wine world drove this trailblazer, because this Raisin spot is one you don’t want to miss 🍷



It’s no secret that natural wine and music are a great pairing, and we love them together! So on that note, introducing BAR303: a natural wine + craft beer bar and record store (named after the famous Roland TB-303 drum machine used in electronic music)!!

Owners Alexandre and Thomas recognize that just like wine, music is meant to be shared, and BAR303 has an atmosphere designed just for that. In fact, music is what enabled these two lifelong friends to originally travel through Europe together, share unique musical experiences, and then inspired them to recreate those encounters at their place in Nantes. Here you can find a wide selection of natural wines, with 80 references from France, Catalonia, Italy, Hungary, Germany, Austria, natural Swedish & Danish bubbles, and new second-hand vinyls! And when the situation permits, BAR303 will soon offer events with DJ sets and themed tastings with winemakers. It’s all about listening and enjoying in a cozy environment with an amazing sound system. While waiting for the events to be on, the spot is open for takeaway!


Sauvage and Lokal Biel!

Introducing Lokal & Sauvage Biel, Switzerland’s latest sister restaurants on the Raisin map offering “unfiltered food & wine” -Sauvage.

Sauvage’s simple motto is synonymous with the natural wine spirit, and the result is a unique and fantastic concept. The cuisine at Sauvage is a fusion between Scandinavian and Japanese food, with ramen being the specialty. They curate their sustainable wine menu to harmoniously accompany their dishes in an environment that’s all about sharing.

Lokal’s environment is a balance between tradition and modern, their whole approach is inspired by the planet, and their tasting menu is creative, universal, yet refined. Just like its name, its focus is sourcing local! Lokal also launched a street food pop-up, Vagabund, that’s another must try.

Both Sauvage & Lokal are available for takeaway, we know you’ll enjoy Biel!

satriale - Lyon

Satriale, an extraordinary shop in Lyon!

On the lower slopes of La Croix-Rousse in Lyon, at 1 rue des capucins to be precise, is the new and extraordinary wine shop, Satriale!

It’s exactly the kind of place that we love at Raisin: unique, charming, and full of personality (shoutout to architect and designer Manon Simonot) with a selection 51 of their favorite, 100% natural cuvées. And yes only 51 with the goal of keeping the wine list short but committed to each bottle, while enough to enjoy new discoveries. Just another reason to go for a regular visit and try as many as you can 🙂 There’s more to the story: Satriale also happens to be a project that goes way back, as it brings together 5 childhood friends from this exact neighborhood who reunited over their love of music and being fans of The Sopranos (the namesake). So Satriale is also a place where music and wine go together perfectly, and where they will soon hold tastings with live music and DJ sets. Rumor has it that a corner record store might even be part of the experience in the near future!

If you’re in the neighborhood, you’re definitely in luck. If not, we’ll have to make our way to go see Clément, Paul, Adjan, Mathieu, Jean-Louis, and of course Rooky, the group’s mascot. Their selection of wines from France, Catalonia, Sicily, Czech Republic, Tuscany, Oslavia, Veneto, and Austria will undoubtedly wow you! Say hi from us!!!


Vinbonden in Copenhagen!

Vinbonden is a natural wine shop in Copenhagen, named “The Winemaker” in Danish for its story. Shop owner, importer, and winemaker himself, Jon Frederik Capoul tells us a little about his selection of natural and low intervention wines, mostly from Southwestern France, and how it came about!

The story begins at the Capoul family estate on the outskirts of Bordeaux, Château Le Rait, a vineyard that has been in their family for 100+ years. Jon’s father Claude was one of the pioneers in organic farming in the 1980s. Today, Jon follows in his father’s footsteps with his own natural winemaking. Then, it was through his work as an importer that Jon became friends with Stephanie Roussel of Château Lassolle in Marmande. Somewhere along the way, Jon and a crowdfunding group purchased 3 hectares of Stephanie’s vineyard that they now farm and vinify together. Their first vintage 2020 will be released this summer, and is definitely one to look out for 🍇 

Back home at Vinbonden, John cherry picks from his own import and other small scale importers alike. Jon says, “We aim at presenting our customers from all over metropolitan Copenhagen and digitally beyond with an evermore dynamic quality… meaning that we attempt to always seek out the best wines at any given time. Whether they are wines from my own production, similar importers, or one time buys of unicorn bottles, we want to provide the best wines available within the world of natural winemaking.”


Baston Pizza in Perpignan

Baston Pizza in Perpignan is not making just any other pie. At Baston, the best ingredients are used to make their long fermented dough, the pizza is wood fired, and topped with the freshest ingredients.

They also change their menu regularly with creative and tasty pizzas to accompany what’s in season. The wine list of course matches in quality with a great natural selection from Catalonia and beyond. A new find on Raisin’s map, we know you will enjoy! 🍕🍷