The Tuscan hills of Pācina

Stretching across the Tuscan hills of Castelnuovo Berardenga, where biodiversity flourishes and the rich soils produce an abundance of plants, fruits, vegetables, and some pretty incredible grapes might we add…is winemaker Giovanna Tiezzi Borsa at Azienda Agricola Pācina.

The 65 hectares of land are mostly made up of olive trees, fields, and forest, and only 10 hectares are vines – organically farmed, and treated with the utmost respect, all the way through the entire winemaking process, embodying natural and delicious Italian wine. Check them out on Raisin!


Rhodora – No waste wine bar in Brooklyn!

Where you find natural wine, you find good food…this means often organic, locally sourced, thoughtful establishments on Raisin that are respectful of the work behind the wine and what that means for the environment.

Sustainable restaurant Mettā reopened it’s doors in Brooklyn as Rhodora this fall, a waste-free and carbon neutral wine bar, making them champions of this philosophy and pioneers in a greener mission. Note the aluminum and tin easily recyclable materials here, and the oysters even arrive in reusable containers! We are proud that these trailblazers are on the Raisin map, check them out 🍷

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Respect for people and love of the land results in the creation of some of the greatest wines, evoking the most beautiful emotions. This truth is the origin of the partnership between Raisin, the natural wine app, and the “Entre Les Vignes” team, that inspired them to write this original work together. “The book has two objectives: first to break down the misconceptions about natural wines (simple, fragile, flawed, don’t keep…), and second to pay tribute to the men and women producing some magically alive wines that are deeply personal,” expressed authors Cédric Blatrie (Raisin) and Guillaume Laroche (Entre Les Vignes).

Unfortunately, it is only in French right now. But hey! If you’d love to get an English version of it, let us know by providing your email address, will keep you updated whenever it is ready 😉