Welcome to Les Fabricants on Réunion island 🇷🇪!

Les Fabricants is the wine shop attached to La Fabrique, a Raisin listed restaurant in Saint Denis de la Réunion.

There you will meet the owner of both spots, Jehan Colson, and Charly, the man behind the shop’s natural wine selection! Charly headed to Bourbon Island 🏖️  after 5 years at “Au Fil Du Vin Libre” wineshop in Strasbourg and 2 years spent at Patrick and Mireille Meyer’s cellar in Alsace. And what a selection he’s created! Charly’s incredible offer includes natural wines from all regions of France, winemakers from Spain, Italy, and South Africa too. These are two places joined by one philosophy: defending, promoting, and leading people to discover healthy “péi” products, which means “local” in Reunionese Creole. If you’re there or passing by, a visit is a must! 🤗

Photo credit: Sandrine Lam “Memory Maker”, Stéphane Maïcon and Charly Bergmann.


Retour Verre Le Future

Meet Hubert Lauriot Dit Prévost, owner of Retour Verre Le Futur wineshop !

Hubert had a long stint in New Zealand, worked as a sommelier at EPOQ in Biarritz, and now going strong with his start up wine shop in the freshly buzzing Avenue de la Marne area. Another great addition to the Biarritz natural wine scene, and a beloved find for Raisin users!


Some Good Wine!

“At Some Good Wine, we pride ourselves on carrying a strenuously, handpicked selection of wine and spirits; portraying quality over popularity, artisanal spirit over commercial appeal. Small production pride has caught the world like a ferocious tornado and we are in the epicenter.” 

Some Good Wine, Greenwich Village NYC

French classics, Corsican treasures, a large Canary island selection, 60 different Siciliian wines, and craft spirits to match Some Good Wine’s good energy!


Welcome to The Buxton!

Welcome to The Buxton! London’s latest on the Raisin map is The Buxton, the quintessential British pub at the bottom of Brick Lane.

In this beautiful 4 story building is 15 charming hotel rooms, with the bistro on the bottom floor. The Buxton’s menu includes natural wine of course, and dishes with responsibly sourced ingredients. Make sure to bring your glass of natty wine up to the rooftop terrace overlooking the city! And while you’re in the neighborhood, say hi to their sister-pub and fellow Raisin establishment the Culpeper!