A Taste of Ellsworth in Paris!

These razor clams from Ellsworth in the 1st arrondissement of Paris tasted as good as they look, especially when paired with François Saint-Lô’s chenin blanc pet nat.

16 months on the lees with fine, creamy bubbles, a honey-like nuttiness and the acidity of a luscious green apple and pear 🍏🍯🍐

Punkovino: l’excellente série documentaires dédié au vin naturel.

Punkovino: an excellent series of short documentaries dedicated to natural wine!

We highly recommend watching this excellent series of short documentaries dedicated to natural wine titled “Punkovino,” now available on demand on arte. Take a tour of Europe through meeting 10 winemakers who embody everything about the natural wine movement where they work.

Episodes in order:

-Melanie & Michael Völker from domaine 2 Naturkinder – Germany – Bavaria

-François Saint Lô – France – Loire Valley

-Eloi Cedó Perelló from domaine Sistema Vinary – Spain – Mallorca

-Alban Michel – Les Sabots d’Hélène – France – Corbières

-Raphaël Baissas – Nada – France – Roussillon

-Ketevan Berishvili – Gogo Wine Aman – Georgia – Kakheti

-Brendan Tracey – Le Clocher Sain-Anne – France – Loire Valley

-Servaas Blockeel – Belgium – Vlaanderen

-Vincent Marie – No Control – France – Auvergne

-Arianna Occhipinti – Italy – Sicily

The sound and graphic design can sometimes be a little much, but as far as the restitution of natural wine’s philosophy and highlighting the work of each winemaker goes, it’s an absolute success!

Watch the series here:Punkovino


Natalie Swimmer, head of Raisin North America, shares a favorite memory

“A throwback to my days of living in France, watching the sun set over the vines of Champagne Fleury, enjoying a rare prize of the family domaine – this 1999 100% pinot noir Fleur de l’Europe rosé, plus a few more 🥂 – and raising a flute with Morgane Fleury and friends.

It was during my time interning in the vibrant and spirited “Ma Cave Fleury” that I met Morgane and these lovely wines, and where she led me to the beautiful discovery of Champagne Fleury, the art of natural winemaking, and biodynamic farming – in the way her family has done since 1989. Tasting wines in moments like these gives a glimpse into generations of hard work, care for the land, and a love for the wine that is produced.”

louis maurer

Spotlight on Louis Maurer

Listening to Louis Maurer describe his work, you can feel the passion he has for making his 3 delicious wines, and his desire to always improve them.

Situated on just 3 hectares in Eichhoffen, Alsace, this young winemaker runs the family domaine and produces multiple natural wines, including the famous “l’Etrange orange 🍊:” A charming, perfectly balanced, skin contact gewurtztraminer that you MUST taste!

king kong lady

👑 Barcelona’s King Kong Lady 🦍

Barcelona’s “Bistropical Exotic Kitchen” created by the Bar Brutal team and driven by their natural wine philosophy, met with unique dishes in the Casa Bonay hotel 

“King Kong Lady is our little adventurous sister inspired by flavors from all around the world. The menu runs on local products enhanced with flavors from every continent.”

King Kong lady is one of the latest natural wine establishments registered on Raisin via the FAST REGISTRATION process: which promises a 48 HOUR GUARANTEED REGISTRATION for those with a 30% natural wine minimum! To submit an establishment or learn more about this process, email us at fast@raisin.digital !