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Respect for people and love of the land results in the creation of some of the greatest wines, evoking the most beautiful emotions. This truth is the origin of the partnership between Raisin, the natural wine app, and the “Entre Les Vignes” team, that inspired them to write this original work together. “The book has two objectives: first to break down the misconceptions about natural wines (simple, fragile, flawed, don’t keep…), and second to pay tribute to the men and women producing some magically alive wines that are deeply personal,” expressed authors Cédric Blatrie (Raisin) and Guillaume Laroche (Entre Les Vignes).

Unfortunately, it is only in French right now. But hey! If you’d love to get an English version of it, let us know by providing your email address, will keep you updated whenever it is ready 😉


Keeping it cool at KWAS

Keeping it cool at KWAS in Huddersfield, this wine shop and bar marks the 8th Raisin venue in Yorkshire – way, way, WAY up in Northern England but right in the heart of Huddersfield.

In the words of owners Duncan and Ola, “This is our journey into the world of real wines and we’re learning along the way. Come share our passion about simplicity, joy and the fun in life.”


Wondering about the 10 greatest natural wines of emotion for Pascaline Lepeltier?

When the best sommelier of France, who was also elected an MOF in sommellerie in 2018, shares her 10 greatest natural wines of emotion…of course, we are dying to know more.

Spoiler alert: there are two chenins in her selection (just like her t-shirt says)! To discover Pascaline’s top 10, get the book on pre-sale, here it is!

It was after her studies in philosophy that Pascaline chose the wine route, and decided to become a sommelier. Growing up in Anjou, she immediately embraced the energy of the visionary winemakers of her region, making wines without intrants. A Master Sommelier, Best Sommelier of France, one of the Meilleur Ouvriers de France in 2018, and now part of the restaurant Racines NY in the heart of TriBeCa, where she conducts the room and manages a wine list of over 2,500 references…the majority are organic, biodynamic, and natural!

Les Lunes

Meet LES LUNES – representing a rugged side of Northern California wines

Meet LES LUNES – representing a rugged side of Northern California wines on Raisin’s map, this weekend at WineCallSF (November 16th and 17th) in San Francisco!

Shaunt Oungoulian and Diego Roig created this label to produce more serious wines, moving away from the easy drinking and playful style. Specific vineyard cuvées, longer macerations, and barrel aging are all part of their craft. They are setting a reference point on the map, and making a difference. Shaunt and Diego will be at the WineCallSF fair in San Francisco this weekend, so go see them, taste their wines, and enjoy!

Pictured left to right: Graham Shelton (assistant on the project) and Shaunt Oungoulian (winemaker)


Making our way up in altitude, all the way to 600 meters above sea level in Penedès…

Making our way up in altitude, all the way to 600 meters above sea level in Penedès, Spain is where you’ll find Pepe Raventós and Francesc Escala of the Can Sumoi woodland estate.

The winery and farmhouse date back to the 17th century! Since 1645, they have been working with local varietals and the unique limestone soils of the land, and now reinstating the biodynamic practices that began there. No additives here, just delicious, remarkably high acidity, authentic Penedès wines that you must try! So thrilled to have them on the Raisin map!

4000 en

Raisin now recommends 4,000 establishments around the world!!!

🥁4,000! What? 🤭 4,000!! Yup, you heard correctly, Raisin now recommends 4,000 establishments around the world where you can find natural wine.

Wine bars, restaurants, and shops who have made the great decision to offer natural wine! Our guarantee? Places that have at least 30% natural wine on their menu. Not to mention, these are spots where you will undoubtedly find seasonal, local, and often organic products. It’s good for you, and for the environment! 

With the Raisin app, drink well🍷 and eat well 🍽, wherever you are in the world 👍

Thanks to all of you for your huge support!