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The Real Alternative Wine Glossary

The Real Alternative Wine Glossary. From the one and only Mister Doug Wregg of Les Caves de Pyrène – a gaggle of Raisin listed London restaurants and The Real Wine Fair. 60 glorious pages of alternative definitions of classic and indie wine terms. Cartoons by Michel Tolmer.

A short favorite:

CABERNET – the alternative name for the internet in parts of Bordeaux. 

P.S. The first print run sold out in three days!!! 


Poussin in Paris!

One of the newest Parisian additions to Raisin’s map is Poussin in the 17th arrondissement!

A spot as cute as the 🐥 in its name + alive wines, cheese, charcuterie, and great small plates to complete this natural wine bar and shop that you must go see 🐣


St. Nicolas and San Nicolás at Macatho

It’s the 6th of December, St. Nicolas, and San Nicolás is exactly where Macarena del Rio and Thomas Parayre make their wonderful wines – way down in southern Chile, about 400 km south of Santiago.

This cuvée is Segundo Flores from Pais Negra Coriente vines – pie franco, on half a nectar of a 150 year old vineyard. Happy Saint Nicolas to everyone!

Photo of Macarena and Thomas credit to @joebuddphoto