Meet Squash Club!

Meet Squash Club, delivering the dream to the District, bringing low-intervention natural wine to your doorstep anywhere in D.C.!

Justin Rose was inspired by zero-zero wine when living in Paris, and is now sharing wines from all over the world with this philosophy.

Anders Frederik Steen, Jason Ligas, Partida Creus, Las Jaras, Martha Stoumen, Le Coste, and many more to come to this big neighborhood. Find them all over the Raisin map in D.C.


Another Heart to Feed

Another Heart to Feed is another great Raisin spot in Manchester with natural wine flowing and a bomb brunch.

From delicious pancakes to Federico Orsi’s Posca Rossa, Le Coste’s Ripazzo, or any of these all natural vinos, you’re sure to enjoy! 🥞🍷 ❤️


France Gonzalvez needs your help!

🎗 Do you know and love France Gonzalvez? Of course! Good thing, because now she needs us & you.

In order to help her in these tough times that we are all going through, France wants to quickly sell two of her Beaujolais-Villages cuvées: (Ricochet) in white and (Volte Face) in red 🍷, the 2019 vintages. Since she is located in France, she won’t be able to ship to each customer individually, however, the best way to help is to reach out to importers to contact her and get some wines!

For more information and inquiries about prices, send an email to: [email protected]

or on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/france.gonzalvez

We really hope you can help out in any way! 👍



“Life’s fast. Drink slow.” 

“Life’s fast. Drink slow.” is a motto that we can get behind, especially when it’s natural wine at Chicago’s new patio, bottle shop, and bar called “Easy Does It” in Logan Square.

Their patio is perfect for social distancing, taking it easy, and enjoying natural wine moments. Check them out on Raisin! 📍

Providence at Guethary

PROVIDENCE by the ocean in Guethary!

Elsa Marie chef and organiser of the café, bar, restaurant and gallery, known as PROVIDENCE, on the square just before the ocean in Guethary.

A little, pure gem of a place, with its run of visiting chefs, surfers, artists and travelers. A wall of natural wines to go with the food… and it’s Raisin listed of course. 


Thierry Schwartz – The Restaurant in Obernai !

For all of you who are into raw and natural produce, the approach of top chef Thierry Schwartz is spot on: “the product is just right on its own when presented with a natural elegance…”

An approach that works with the range of products (food, bread, wines) served up at his starred restaurant in Obernai, Thierry Schwartz – The Restaurant. A cuisine that’s 100% alive and natural, which uses ingredients from organic producers who are highly attuned to nature. Much to our pleasure, the wine list follows the same theme, as Thierry is a big supporter of the natural wine movement, with its wines lively and libres (free). The restaurant’s wine list contains one of the best (and biggest) selections of natural wines on the planet (more than 1,150 references and 15,000 bottles). An essential address for any self respecting lover of natural food and wine, and it’s no surprise that the Raisin sticker is there on display.