Kenjiro’s Mirror

Although pictures don’t quite do it justice… the vibrant vines and green surroundings illustrate the alive, biodiverse, healthy landscape found at Domaine des Miroirs in Jura.

Winemaker Kenjiro Kagami’s last name translates to “mirror” (“miroir” in French), as the nature is beautifully reflected in the wines Kenjiro produces, and also mirrors bits of himself. 



This weekend, some of the Raisin team and friends headed over to Jura to Domaine des Miroirs, to give Kenjiro Kagami and his team a hand at this year’s harvest.

On their 4 hectare estate, we cheerfully harvested the last grapes before fall’s arrival. We shared some amazing moments together in a magnificent place, where the beautiful backdrop of heavenly blue skies shines light on the inspiration behind the label ☁️


A HokusPokus discovery in Czechia!

HokusPokus is an incredible place to discover a stacked natural wine list and great tapas too… and as the only current Raisin establishment in this part of Czechia, right by Poland’s border, it’s definitely putting Ostrava at the top of our travel list 🇨🇿

In the wise words of HokusPokus, “Let us discover true wines full of energy. Because he who walks in unknown ways is likely to discover something new.”


Do natural wines keep?

Do natural wines keep? Well, plenty of them do – like this 20-year-old, barrel raised for 4 years on the lees, all natural Riesling. Meet the 1997 Muenchberg Grand Cru from Julien Meyer.

The color, a limpid gold. A touch of petrol on the nose followed by a full, vibrant, tense structure from the first sip. A sensation of energy meets a physical fusion of bitter salinity, complex citrus flavors, and minerality. Magic by Patrick and Mireille Meyer in Nothalten, Alsace.

Photo by Benoit Cortet 


Where there is natural wine…

Where we drink natural…finding incredible food comes with it! This rings true at Ester, a wine bar and restaurant in Chippendale, Australia.

Local, authentic, home-made, seasonal, often organic, and made with the utmost care – in the way that natural winemakers create their works of art. These pictures speak for themselves, and really give you the urge to take a trip down under 🇦🇺!