After 26 years in the restaurant business, Benoit decided it was time to embark on a new adventure in taste: A natural wine journey which started with visits to artisan winemakers in the Loire (St Etienne to Nantes), then took a few detours to Ardèche, Languedoc, and Auvergne.

Just like that, Benoit had quite the selection, see for yourself with the likes of Jo Landon, the Perraud brothers, Lise and Bertrand Jousset, Alexandre Bain, Jocelyne Oustric, Valerie Frison, Mathilde and Stephen Durieu… and so many more waiting for you at the wineshop La Terre Après la Pluie! This is a place you don’t want to miss on the banks of the Loire Valley, just like its wonderful selection.


PINOT wine&food

“PINOT is all about product and taste,” it’s as simple as that at the new wine shop and food table concept “with a twist” in Knokke, Belgium!

Not only is the wine selection totally natural, but also focuses on mineral driven wines to compliment the fresh flavors of their cuisine.

Expect nothing but pure quality and bold innovation at this new Raisin spot, it’s a must try!


Sommelier of the year!

Meet Vanessa Massé, sommelier and owner of the restaurant Pure & V in Nice! A restaurant that only serves natural wines, so of course belongs on Raisin’s map.

In 2019, Pure & V came into the well deserved spotlight thanks to a distinction awarded by Le Fooding in their “sophistroquet” (sophisticated little bistro) category.

Only a year later in 2020, Pure & V got its first star in the famous red guide. Now at this soaring rate, to start off 2021, Vanessa Massé is voted sommelier of the year by Michelin! We are proud and thrilled to see a natural wine sommelier recognized at the top of the bill.

Vanessa works closely with the restaurant’s Danish chef, Mads Thomsens, to bring the best possible food and wine pairings that make Pure & V top notch.

Congrats to Vanessa and the whole team for defending in such a fine way, real and alive wines with emotion!

la bottiglia

La Bottiglia in Venice!

La Bottiglia in Venice is taking street food to the next level with mouthwatering true Italian paninis like these and their selection of natural wines.

As one of the first 2021 additions to the Raisin map, La Bottiglia exemplifies what you’ll find on the app – good, local food that goes hand in hand with natural wine.

We hope you can check out La Bottiglia and many more in Venice, Italy, and beyond soon!


Looking for bubbles to start off 2021 fresh?

Looking for bubbles to start off 2021 fresh? Natural champagnes, pet-nats, caviar, and more delicious things are ready to pop at these Raisin shops, bars, and restaurants all over!

Cheers to a happy and healthy new year ✨🍾✨ 

Raise a flute to FundamentalDTLA, Maison Wino in Louveciennes, Domestique in Washington DC, Pullo Shop in Devon UK, Oxalis in NYC, Relaks in Warszaw, Vinsupernaturel in Copenhagen, and China Hi in Kyiv!