Pulp Wine of Valby!

Introducing Pulp Wine, your local natural wine shop in Valby, Denmark 🇩🇰 !

Since November 2020, sommelier Russell Schaper-Kotter has been providing this Copenhagen neighborhood with pure and authentic wine, and they were thirsty for it.

Originally from Vancouver, Russell moved to Copenhagen knowing that the food and wine scene is where he belonged. After completing several certifications in the Court of Master Sommeliers, Russell discovered a completely different world of wine that changed his whole perspective:

“Dumbfounded, I almost stopped drinking conventional wine overnight. I found it literally challenging to swallow the idea that this ‘wine’ that I was so used to was adulterated with unsure additives that weren’t grape juice.”

From there, Russell went on to work at top Michelin star restaurants such as Relæ and Noma as he continued on his natural wine journey.

Now he’s running Pulp and sharing a tasty selection of low-intervention wines from a multitude of regions! Pulp is the first in this corner of Copenhagen on the Raisin map, so make sure to check it out.


Le Cellier Nantes!

Meet Adélie and Olivier! Adélie was a chef in many bistros and restaurants in Paris, and Olivier was the man in charge of the Ôdivin store in Paris for 6 years. This dynamic duo decided to leave Paris and head to Nantes.

66 Rue Maréchal Joffre is where they settled, in one of the town’s most lively and vibrant neighborhoods that reminded them of the beloved Belleville district of Paris. This is where they opened Le Cellier, a wine store, caterer, and grocery that offers the best of both worlds: cuisine based on local, organic, seasonal, and quality products AND a selection of natural wines. The wines here highlight winegrowers of the region, with a notion of pride for the Loire. As for the groceries, you’ll find fabulous products that Adélie herself loves to use in her kitchen: La Guinelle vinegars, oils from Beaujolais, Cachemire spices, La Compagnie Bretonne preserves, and so much more. These two have a great sense of humor and the best taste, making this place something special. We can’t wait to keep following them. Cheers to Le Cellier!


Terres à Vin

Behind this magnum duel is a real natural wine pioneer…

A trailblazer to say the least, Eric Demange opened the first location of Terres à Vin all the way back in 1997 in Strasbourg. A few years later and a few miles down the road, Eric opened the bar and shop’s second location in Ittenheim, in the Alsace countryside. For 25 years, Terres à Vin has offered an extensive selection of wines as natural as they come with 1,000 references at the Strasbourg spot and 2,000 in Ittenheim! The philosophy has always been about pure authenticity in all of the products they carry, from the wine down to the delicatessen.

They say:

“Above all else, for wine to be considered a success, it must reflect the talent of an accomplished winemaker and the particularity of the wine’s terroir. Therefore, natural vinification is the way to obtain a good, and especially a great wine.”

Pictured are Eric and Blondine battling it out with Mittelbergheim and Savigny- Les-Beaune magnums !


Corto in Clitheroe!

Meet Corto, dubbed “the bar at the end of the world” by owner Katie Mather, located in her hometown of Clitheroe in Northwestern England. Corto represents a dream turned into a reality for Katie and her husband Tom, and is equally dreamy for you natural wine lovers out there.

On a trip to Spain, Katie and Tom discovered the term “corto,” which is a traditional small beer and afternoon snack. In her article, Katie writes: “We loved the spirit of sharing and snacking we found in León (Spain). No matter what, we wanted to bring a bit of that to Clitheroe: the eagerness to try something new, the excitement of a simple thing done well, the happiness of spending stretched-out afternoon-to-evening hours with people you love.”

This vision came to life in December 2020, and Corto has been successfully sharing their fabulous selection of natural wine, real ciders, craft beer, and tapas style dishes with Clitheroe ever since.

If you’re ever at the end of the world in Clitheroe, you have to stop by Corto for all the vibes! Check them out on the Raisin map🧀🍞🍷

For more of the story, read Katie’s article here: https://www.goodbeerhunting.com/blog/2021/3/23/the-bar-at-the-end-of-the-world


Domaine Menina d’Uva : la jeune fille et le raisin.

Uva (“grape” in Portuguese) is a village in Northeast Portugal right on Spain’s edge, which reflects the impact of desertification that has hit the European agricultural world for decades. This village is where French born Aline Domingue’s family is from, where she spent her summers growing up, and now where she makes her wine.

Aline is a thoughtful, rather reserved, and extremely motivated person. It’s through her sheer force of determination that she’s succeeded in releasing her first wines. After receiving a diploma in fermentation research, working for a few months at Quinta do Romeu, and working through some harsh criticism, Aline produced her first wines in 2018. She symbolically named the estate “Menina d’Uva,” meaning “the girl from Uva,” and her production is inspired by the great potential of its indigenous grapes.

Aline tells us, “I traded Paris for a simple, rural life that has always drawn me in, with the aim of caring for and sharing the wonderful wine heritage of this region.” With the strength of her character and her arms, Aline is making waves and putting Uva on the map for natural wine. Força Menina d’Uva!

For more on her story, check out our blog here : https://jeunesnaturelles.raisin.digital/aline-domingues-menina-d-uva-EN.html