Les vignerons ont besoin d'aide.

Winemakers Need Your Help for the Harvest

If you would like to help a natural winemaker during the harvest season, now is your chance. Below, we have put together some information about some of the different winemakers that need help. Happy harvesting! 

Chateau del Ranq :

Château del Ranq, 34270 Claret, France

Vandages Raisin natural wine

Hello everyone!

Bring your secateurs and good vibes, here we go again for another harvest at Mas del Ranq!  We plan to start around the end of August (the start date is still very unclear because of the drought) for a period of about 3 weeks.

Daily organisation:

We start the day at 7am, at sunrise, and until 3:30pm max. We stop for a break and snack around 10am: homemade terrine, cheese, bread, jam, coffee, wine… a little water too! In the evening, we all eat together. Meals are provided by our chef: Hugues!

Required qualities: punctuality, motivation and a good mood. For the best organisation, we would really appreciate people that can stay until the end of the harvest!

We look forward to seeing you! If you wish to participate, please send us an email: [email protected]

See you soon!  Laure and Seb



JP et Peggy Buronfosse:

2 La serpentine –  La combe 39190 ROTALIER, France

JP et Peggy Buronfosse:

Winegrowers in the Jura

We are looking for grape-pickers beginning the week of August 22nd, and for the following 3 weeks.

Payment: SMIC ( French minimum wage) + lunch. Possibility of accommodation in a dormitory or tent, and a kitchen available for the evenings. 


by mail [email protected] Peggy 06 66 27 38 00 + SMS or voice message
Jean- Pascal 06 77 16 95 25 + SMS or Whats App
We will study all offers to help us for a few days, or weeks…




P’tit Max, Guy Breton:

252 Rue Pasteur, 69910 Villié-Morgon, France

Guy Breton Vin naturel

Oyé oyé


A small estate (Guy Breton / p’ti Max) in Villié Morgon is looking for staff for the 2022 harvest, which will start on 25 August (give or take a couple of days), for a fortnight’s harvest (give or take a few glasses).

We still have 8 to 10 places available.

A snack is offered in the morning, and lunch will be prepared by our international chef Rico, a great chef if you rub him the right way, and autonomy in the evening.

Shower, toilet, washing machine and swimming pool (if you are well behaved) is available at the domain. Plus unlimited beer and wine taps (not cut with water!!!) if everyone works hard! 

All amenities available in the village (200m from the domain): bank, tobacco shop, post office, grocery shop, bakery, butcher’s shop, bar, bar, bar.

A plot of land is available 1km from the domain, for trucks, Igloos, tents, yurts, teepees, caravans, I don’t mind, there is no accommodation possible on the domain. A shuttle will be available in the morning, and for the laziest in the evening, otherwise it’s a 10 minute walk, or a 20min drunken walk (getting some fresh air will do you good). This isn’t our home, another domain is lending us the land, so it goes without saying that you have to respect the place and take care of your dogs! Three dogs per person will probably be unmanageable. 

The hours will depend on the weather, we only work in the morning if it’s too hot, otherwise all day.

Beginners accepted, if they come with a good spirit! Required qualities: good vibes, good mood, hardworking, music is a plus, team spirit is imperative. So: if you are motivated, if you are ready to give it all you’ve got and more! If you are NOT a bad drinker, if you want to cut and carry nice grapes, drink really good wine and make good friends…

You’re welcome!

And if you’re a girl it’s even better because we lack oestrogen! Contact me by email for more info [email protected] 




Orsi Vigneto San Vito

Località Pragatto, Via Puglie, 12, 40056 Crespellano BO, Italie

Orsi Natural wine harvest

Join us for an exhilarating harvest experience at Casino di Pragatto!

You can work with us as much as you like, and then relax by our pool.

Your efforts to help us will of course be rewarded!

Special offers including tastings, tours and the harvest experience, are available from 19th of August to the 4th of September. Contact us for more details: [email protected]

If you would like to join our harvesting team as a “real” job, then contact us at [email protected]

Federico Orsi




Cantina Margò

Strada Settevalli 669 Casenuove, 06129 Perugia PG, Italie

Cantina Margò


Cantina Margò is looking for two people, living in Pérouse or the surrounding areas, for the harvest season at the end of August until the end of September. 

Please contact Carlo Tabarrini 3476976464 – [email protected] 

Géraldine Dubois

Géraldine Dubois natural wine

An organic wine estate in the Côteaux du Lyonnais is looking for grape pickers from late August to early September:
The vineyards are mainly located in Orliénas, we have the possibility to organise carpools from Lyon.
We are looking for dynamic and cheerful people for a joyful harvest. The harvest will start at the end of August (date to be confirmed) for a period of about 2 weeks.
Hours: 7am-2pm with a large snack offered in the morning. Salary: 11.50 € gross / hour. Bonus offered if you are present for the whole time. No accommodation is available. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.
Géraldine Dubois.
Mobile: 06 60 69 50 16.

Kumpf & Meyer

34 Rte de Rosenwiller, 67560 Rosheim, France 

kumpf et meyer natural wine

It’s time for another season at Kumpf & Meyer (Alsace), we’re recruiting for the harvest at the beginning of September! Here’s what’s going to happen to you for a month: you’ll have a sore back, sticky fingers, you’ll listen to weird music (including your own), you’ll quench your thirst with Bendorf on draught and natural wines from all over the place, you’ll enjoy the tasty goodness of Schtampfel, you’ll socialise (and even meet your true love, yes, it’s already happened), you’ll learn the Moselle and/or Alsatian accent (yes, there’s a big difference), you’ll have a race at the fête des vendanges (we have the photos). ..

For the technical details, you can put up a truck or a tent, we provide a shower, toilet and cooker. Join the adventure by calling us at +33 633139526, +33 619903352 or write to us at [email protected]

Domaine Dandelion

5 Place de l’Église, 21190 Mavilly-Mandelot

Domaine Dandelion

Hello !
We are Morgane and Christian from Domaine Dandelion, a small 3ha estate in the Hautes Cotes de Beaune in Burgundy. We are looking for grape pickers from September 10th to 18th (the exact dates might change slightly). 
Depending on the temperature, it is most likely that we won’t harvest in the afternoons. 
A snack is provided each morning and lunches are offered, even if we won’t pick in the afternoon. 
Sleeping accommodation is limited but possible. 
Do not hesitate to send us an email if you need more information:  [email protected] 
Hope to see you soon in the Hautes Côtes! 

Visiting Elio Sandri – Wine Guru of Barolo

Elio Sandri is one of the guru’s of Barolo. He has an amazing wine culture, respect for his land and the ability to explain all aspects of Langhe wines, with simplicity.

Elio is an artisan producer of Barbera, Nebbiolo, Barolo and Dolcetto in one of the most renowned areas of Piedmont, where unfortunately there are still too few winemakers who base their work on tradition and the search to enhance their terroir by reducing interventions in the vineyard and in the cellar to a minimum.

He welcomed us to the winery on a cold mid-April afternoon with a smile, a glass in hand, ready to treat us to a tasting and with a great desire to tell us about his idea of wine from the Langhe, without frills, but with a great deal of elegance.

Elio began dedicating himself to wine when he was still very young (his first harvest was at the age of 16) and he soon took over the reins of his family winery, Cascina Disa, which was founded in 1965 in the hamlet of Perno in Monforte d’Alba.

Cascina Disa has a long winemaking tradition: at the beginning of the 15th century there was already a settlement of monks who produced wine there.

The vineyards are planted all around the winery and Elio’s approach is completely natural: no herbicides, pesticides or chemical fertilizers are used, which break the balance between the vines and the land. The rows of vines are completely covered with wild herbs and during the growing season Elio only uses copper and sulphur to protect the plants. He uses no more than 700/g of copper per hectare per year however and he tries to use the bare minimum quantities of sulphur in the vineyard because he feels the effect can be felt in the wine. He prefers using orange essential oils to fight mildew.

Near the vineyard there is a dense wooded area that is preserved in order to provide a microclimate and biodiversity that he says is very important for his vines.

The cellar is built under the house and partly underground in the hillside: physically living above the cellar allows the winemaker to build a very intimate relationship with his wines.

Manual harvesting allows the best possible selection of the grapes that will be pressed in the search for maximum quality. The spontaneous fermentation contributes in a fundamental way to express the peculiarities of the territory and takes place in large old oak barrels and in cement wine vats, but Elio also experiments with small amphoras.

Time is the central theme of Elio’s work: wine needs patience and respect to be understood and exalted.

Elio is very careful with every manual operation in the vineyard, it is always a question of when, where and how. No year is the same, the vineyard has to be understood, just as each vintage has to be interpreted and, consequently, the work in the cellar also takes place with different timings and methods.

Even for Barolo Perno Vigna Disa, the top of the range, the ageing time in the barrels often changes: the minimum for the Barolo regulations, is 18 months, but there is no maximum limit for the time spent in contact with wood, in order to preserve both the integrity of the fruit and the longevity.

Elio let us taste some of his Langhe Nebbiolo, Barbera d’Alba, Barolo and Ciman, his Nebbiolo vinified and aged in cement, but with the same timings as a Barolo.

A visit to Elio’s is one of the best experiences you can have in the Langhe winegrowing area for a natural wine lover. You can find him on the Raisin app now.

puro sushi natural wine

Puro Sushi in Polignano a Mare

When you think of Italy, and even less when you think of the Puglia region, Sushi is definitely not something that springs to mind. You imagine trulli’s, olive oil, turquoise water, old stone villages, and beaches baked in sunshine. However, Puro Sushi is taking advantage of the abundance of fresh fish and local produce, and bridging the gap between Italian and Japanese cuisine in an exciting new way!

Situated in Polignano a Mare, an old historic town that dates back to Greek settlers in 4th century BC, it is a charming place, with just enough tourists to keep exciting bars and restaurants open, but not too many that it’s no fun to visit.

Puro Sushi is just a stone’s throw from the beach, the importance of fresh fish when creating sushi and sashimi is no secret, so having the sea on your doorstep is more than ideal and equally environmentally friendly, when most of their ingredients have such a short distance to travel.

All this leads to a beautifully refined cuisine, taking Japanese traditions and finesse and combining them with some explosive Italian flavours. A hint of basel or olive oil, merged with the sushi, pairing together like a dream. You wouldn’t expect them to work so well but as you taste the layers of delicate flavours, you see this is a match made in heaven.

Of course, no restaurant would be complete without a great wine list. Partners Leo Benedetti and Pierangelo Coda, have created an exciting wine list concentrating on natural, biodynamic, and organic local wines from the region of Puglia. Expect to find some gems you’ve never seen before and some classics you won’t be able to resist. Does Italian wine and sushi mix…? You’d better find out for yourself.

Find Puro Sushi on Raisin now.

puro sushi natural wine

puro sushi natural wine

puro sushi natural wine

puro sushi natural wine

Raisin-job-hiring natural wine

Join our team: Native & Fluent English Speaking Natural Wine Lover.

WE’RE HIRING: Sales & Marketing Pro !

🍷 Are you so passionate about natural wine 🌳 that you go to bed dreaming about fermented grape juice without additives? Do you know the world of natural winemakers and domaines? Are you a master communicator (if not, that’s ok)? Are you up for the challenge of selling subscriptions to establishments? We are looking for a native & fluent English speaking natural wine lover, to serve as a Jack-of-All Trades on the Raisin team.

Check out the job description here: https://bit.ly/3v6mF1X

Raisin-job-hiring natural wine

salons vins libres

Salon des Vins Libres 2022!

This weekend in Alsace, it’s the Salon des Vins Libres wine fair! A fair where Alsatian winemakers invite their friends from all over France and Europe to present their wines. We really love this event and of course Raisin will be there too. Come by and meet us!

July 16th and 17th from 10 am to 6 pm in Mittelbergheim at Le Biotope d’Isa et Yvon (Espace floral Herzog, 67140 Mittelbergheim).

Entrance fee: 10€ per person with a tasting glass (5€ for students).

salons-vins-libres natural wine

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