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WINeFare 2021 is going virtual with Bottles Without Borders, from May 21st – 23rd. Over 90 women and women-owned businesses from a dozen countries, 13 states, and the District of Columbia are participating. 

WINeFare is also partnering with 40 women-owned natural wine shops throughout the United States and in other countries so that attendees can find wines from the winemakers participating.

This year, Raisin is a proud sponsor of the “Starting and Running a Natural Wine Shop or Bar” panel, joined by female Raisin establishment owners!

Instead of wines to taste, there are 16 panels discussing a slew of interesting topics such as “Natural Wine Changed the World. Now what?,” “Starting and Running a Natural Winery,” and “Ecological Farming and Regenerative Culture.” Check them out and tune in!

Tickets are available on a sliding scale basis ($20 – $50) at:

For more information, please go to or contact [email protected].


Sans Cravate in Bruges

Sans Cravate: “without a tie” in French. While this Michelin starred restaurant’s name isn’t literally about not sporting a tie, it is about the feeling of being at home that comes with it.

It is also about the no frills and unpretentious way of preparing naturally delicious food. With ingredients so fresh, no makeup is needed…instead the real flavors are simply highlighted with passion and precision. Of course, this type of cuisine must be paired with natural wine, made only with grapes and no cover up! So expect an extensive natural wine list and delectable dishes at this classic meets contemporary restaurant, bar, and hotel – the most recent addition to the Raisin map in Bruges, coming to you highly recommended!


The “Don’t Poke A Bakkhant” zine is here!!!

The “Don’t Poke A Bakkhant” zine is here!!! A collective by our creative friend, Harriett Gifford, which explores everything from natural wine, to culinary arts, to art curation and more from the perspective of inspiring collaborators sharing endless passion.

A Bakkhant is a worshipper or follower of Bacchus, god of wine, frequently attributed to a female figure of frenzy… and this zine artistically captures that craze in natural wine.

Featured in the mag are some of Paris’ fabulous Raisin spots: Ma Cave Fleury, Delicatessen Cave, Etna, Bambino, and Chez Nous. Check them out, as well as a highlight on Raisin itself and a glimpse into our love for natural wine.

The profits from the sale of this publication will go to the community driven charity, Solidarité Migrants Wilson @refugees_paris providing vital support to displaced people in the Paris region.

DM @dontpokeabakkhant or email [email protected] for information on how to get your copy!


Pure & V X Hôtel Amour on the Beach

A wine fair at the beach? It’s happening thanks to the fabulous sommelier of Pure & V, Vanessa Massé, who joined forces with Emmanuel Delavenne of Hôtel Amour in Nice to put on this glouglou day.

The natural wine tasting will take place this May 17th, and is all about sharing with friends under the sun. Just when you think it couldn’t get any better… expect winemakers such as Aurélien Lefort, Catherine Dumora, Raphaël Monnier, Adrien de Mello, Jacques Février, Anders Frederik Steen, Sébastien Morin, Emelie Hurtubise and more.

May 17th 2021 from 9 AM – 6 PM

Price: 8 euros


3 must try places in Amsterdam!

Making your way through Amsterdam? These three sister establishments are must visits: meet Rebel Wines, Alex + Pinard, and Bar Pif!

Rebel is the big sister bottle shop located in Jordaan with a killer natural wine selection, that also offers local delivery. Close by is Bar Pif, named after the French word for “First nose” when discovering a wine… and they have so much to discover. And in East Amsterdam you’ll find Alex + Pinard, the corner wine bar and bistro that focuses on real ingredients in their delicious, always seasonal, and vibrant dishes to accompany the alive, natural wine!

Rebel says it best : “Every bottle that you find on the shelves, we would gladly drink ourselves… we have a warm heart for every bottle, grape, and winemaker. From Bourgogne to Burgenland, the Mosel to Moravia, your wine tour starts in the middle of Jordaan.”

Domaine de la Côtelette

Benoît Kilian, Domaine de la Côtelette

Head to Burgundy, and you’re going to want to meet (and taste the wines) of Benoît Kilian at Domaine de la Côtelette. In the meantime, he’s got a great story…

Benoît is a musician who sold wine for 15 years, was part of organizing the natural wine fair “Les Reunions Tu Peux R’Boire,” and was overall dedicated to sharing the wines of others. But when Guy Bussière came knocking on his door, Benoît jumped on the incredible opportunity he saw in the land and purchased his vines on a whim! The 2 hectare vineyard surrounded by nothing but woods and orchards needed reworking and would have disappeared, but Benoît saw such potential in the completely chemical free vineyard, since its oldest vines planted in 1919. Just like that, La Côtelette was born. Today Benoît farms pinot noir, gamay, chardonnay, aligoté, and melon de bourgogne organically and practices biodynamics as well. In the cellar, it’s strictly grapes as far as ingredients go, indigenous yeasts only, and no filtering – this is the only way Benoît can envision wine to be made! In fact, he learned from some greats: Romuald Valot and Marc Soyard, and the result is some fantastic, alive, and delicious Burgundies.