Frank Wines Kyiv!

As the name suggests, Frank Wines – importer and wine shop – is all about honesty, full disclosure, and trust. The owner, Roman, opened Frank Wines’ doors in old town Kyiv in 2017 and has kept it “frank” since day 1.

Frank Wines is a transmitter for farmers to the table, and will never impart something that they don’t believe in. As a retailer and importer, Frank is the steward to help the end consumer understand and appreciate what they are drinking! For that reason, they are dedicated to getting to know the winemakers on the shelves, understanding the principles they adhere to, and why they do what they do. When you see the common ground with the winemakers, how they think about farming, and their place in nature, that’s when you can really fall in love with the wine. 


This type of connection to the wine has been a longtime labor of love, and has certainly evolved into what it is today. In fact, Frank Wines started importing around 7 Italian producers, and today works with around 25-30 international natural winemakers. While the selection is still quite small, Roman knows every detail of the winemakers’ philosophies, terroir, taste of their wines, and even knows their families. It’s a conscious and personal passion that’s worth sharing! 

To name a few producers at Frank Wines: Gut Oggau, Claus Preisinger, Sepp and Maria Muster, Franz Strohmeier, Partida Creus, Ca ‘de Noci, Peter Wetzer, Milan Nestarec, Sebastien Riffault, and many more. If you want to get to know these winemakers on a real level and taste their wines to the fullest, Frank Wines is the place to go, in the heart and soul of Kyiv!


Aquila Cellars!

2000 meters up in the Colorado mountains, Brandt Thibodeaux & Courtney Geyer are making the delicious natural wine of Aquila Cellars. This winery in the town of Paonia, happens to be the very first in Colorado on the Raisin map!

The grapes come from three different parcels of cool climate terroir in Norfolk valley, that are the highest elevation Pinot Gris and Gewurtztraminer vineyards in the known universe. At Aquila, they are practicing biodynamic, dedicated to an overall ecological approach to farming, and capturing the dynamism that the climate brings to the wine.

In their words, “Our goal is to make living, unfiltered wines that favor energy over power, freshness over richness. Our wines are unique Coloradan, grown at the highest elevations of North America and produced with the highest vibrations.”

When you get a taste of this terroir, you’ll get a feel for this purity and balanced, vivid acidity for yourself, and are sure to love that Aquila energy. Production is very small, but these bottles are a must try! 

Les Bouchons

Les Bouchons!

Ever been to La pointe du raz? At Cap Sizun in Brittany, almost at France’s tip, is where you’ll find a Raisin restaurant we love: Les Bouchons!

Masterfully curated by Yves and his wife, Les Bouchons offers quality cuisine accompanied by a 100% natural wine cellar made up of over 230 references. On the menu: 4 starters and 3 entrées, made with mainly organic products and sourced from local artisans. The cheeses are aged by Sten Marc, the organic vegetables come from neighbors Thierry & Stéphanie, and the breads from Romain. The terrines, parsley hams, foie-gras, and honey are all homemade from the Port de Port Poulhan. On the wine side: Romuald Valot, Fanfan Ganevat, Nicolas Carmarans, Marie and Vincent Tricot, Marie & Florian Curtet, Fred Cossard, Loïc Roure, JF Nicq Les Foulards Rouges, Alice and Olivier de Moor to name a few! Yves is a trained sommelier with a cooking diploma, who has worked in kitchens and dining rooms from Paris to Brussels, and even spent 12 years in Corsica. So how did he end up in this part of Brittany? “With my passion for fishing and Cap Sizun, we fell in love with this 17th century building by the port that we restored and made into our restaurant.” Now you know where the westernmost restaurant in France is located!


“Natural Wine Changed the World. Now What?”

“Natural Wine Changed the World. Now What?” – Just one of the many intriguing topics of the WINeFare 2021 virtual panels.

On Sunday May 23rd at 11am (PST), Sylvie Augereau, Macarena del Río, Jenny Lefcourt, and Alice Feiring will navigate this discussion and delve into this interesting subject. We know the power of natural wine, and can’t wait to hear the “now what” perspective from these four women who have made an impact on natural wine changing the world themselves.

Tickets for the weekend are available on a sliding scale basis ($20 – $50) at:

For more information, please go to or contact [email protected].

WINeFare logo


WINeFare 2021 is going virtual with Bottles Without Borders, from May 21st – 23rd. Over 90 women and women-owned businesses from a dozen countries, 13 states, and the District of Columbia are participating. 

WINeFare is also partnering with 40 women-owned natural wine shops throughout the United States and in other countries so that attendees can find wines from the winemakers participating.

This year, Raisin is a proud sponsor of the “Starting and Running a Natural Wine Shop or Bar” panel, joined by female Raisin establishment owners!

Instead of wines to taste, there are 16 panels discussing a slew of interesting topics such as “Natural Wine Changed the World. Now what?,” “Starting and Running a Natural Winery,” and “Ecological Farming and Regenerative Culture.” Check them out and tune in!

Tickets are available on a sliding scale basis ($20 – $50) at:

For more information, please go to or contact [email protected].


Sans Cravate in Bruges

Sans Cravate: “without a tie” in French. While this Michelin starred restaurant’s name isn’t literally about not sporting a tie, it is about the feeling of being at home that comes with it.

It is also about the no frills and unpretentious way of preparing naturally delicious food. With ingredients so fresh, no makeup is needed…instead the real flavors are simply highlighted with passion and precision. Of course, this type of cuisine must be paired with natural wine, made only with grapes and no cover up! So expect an extensive natural wine list and delectable dishes at this classic meets contemporary restaurant, bar, and hotel – the most recent addition to the Raisin map in Bruges, coming to you highly recommended!