Bouillon Marseille natural wine

Bouillon – Marseille

There is something special about a restaurant that reserves one of their four walls for just wine. No need for a wine menu at Bouillon in Marseille, when you walk in, your eyes dart over the shelves and begin to pick up well known favourites next to bottles you’ve been dreaming of trying, but don’t shy away from the unknown, there plenty of up and coming less known producers here too, and you can be certain they must hold merit standing in this line up.

Marseille has seen a recent boom of natural wine bars, restaurants, and caves. The city is coming to life with amazing cuisine, and exciting places to visit and celebrate the city’s diverse culture and influences. Bouillon’s wine selection reflects that mix with bottles from Jura to Austria, Brutal to Glou Glou, it’s got something for everyone’s taste from a wide array of countries.

The smells drift down to you, as you enter, from the open plan kitchen just above, and you know you are in for a treat.Their kitchen team, headed up by Aurégan Dean (who is also a trained butcher), serves a delicious menu of small plates for sharing. The menu changes all the time, but if you get the chance, try their deep fried lamb brain. You won’t be disappointed!

At the front of house you’ll find co-founder Mathieu Zurcher and his amazing team behind a pastel coloured bar. They are ready to welcome you with recommendations, wine by the glass, and even bottles to take away if you prefer. If you are taking a bottle with you, don’t forget to pass by the small but well stocked meat counter, where you can buy homemade charcuterie and sausage. Delicious! Perfect for your next dinner party and a speciality of the butcher turned chef Auréga. This place is a meat lover’s dream.

Find Bouillon, and over 6000 other natural wine establishments on Raisin now.



Bouillon Marseille natural wine vin naturel

Bouillon Marseille natural wine vin naturel

Bouillon Marseille natural wine vin naturel

Bouillon Marseille natural wine vin naturel

Le Quattro Volte - natural wine

Le Quattro Volte

Le Quattro Volte, is a vineyard created by four friends, inspired by the silences, pauses and the cycle of seasons in the vineyard. Located in Calabria, between the Sila and Pollino National Parks, the land is rich in biodiversity and you can spot olives, clementines and pomegranates growing amongst the vines, contributing to the already diverse flora.

Of the four friends, Daniela De Marco and Giampiero Ventura first began collaborating after studying at university. Although their studies were far removed from the world of agriculture, they created ‘Masseria Perugini’ and began producing wine, olive oil, and pasta in the province of Cosenza, in 2015. From the beginning they always cultivated organically with the goal of giving complete respect for both the environment and their customers.

It wasn’t until 2021 though, that they decided to join forces with their two other old friends, Emilio Di Cianni, a lawyer, and Dario Brunori, singer-songwriter, to create Le Quattro Volte. In fact Le Quattro Volte is actually named after a song written by Brunori.

The vines planted are typical of the area: Mantonico, Malvasia, and Greco, white grapes, Magliocco and Guarnaccino, red grapes. They are grown naturally without using chemicals, pesticides, or herbicides, between 200 and 400 meters above sea level. The micro-ventilation they gain from this altitude is fundamental to the quality of the grapes.

In the cellar, the fermentation starts with indigenous yeasts, no filtration or clarification, and the addition of sulphites is only used when strictly necessary, depending on the vintage.

These four friends, although from different backgrounds, are a great, inspirational example that with passion and hard work, it is possible to learn and implement better farming practices, make beautiful natural wines, inspire other farmers from the area to follow their lead and help attract young people back to the region. Hats off to Le Quattro Volte, we wish them many years of success.

Le Quattro Volte - natural wine

Le Quattro Volte - natural wine

Le Quattro Volte - vin naturel

Le Quattro Volte - natural wine

Sous Les Cocotiers natural wine

Sous Les Cocotiers – the first 100% natural wine fair in La Reunion!

As the trees turn orange, the days get shorter, and the cold weather starts to sting your cheeks in the morning, you maybe looking for a reason to migrate to a warmer climate? Well, we might have found the perfect excuse for you.

December 3rd and 4th, Sous Les Cocotiers, the first 100% natural wine fair in La Reunion!

Pascal and Charly from the excellent natural wine shop Vinature974 wanted to put together an event to share their passion and connect their customers with the winemakers that they love. They originally hoped for 4 or 5 winemakers to fly over to the island, but their expectations were far exceeded and 17 different natural winemakers accepted their offer to come and share their wines.

Not only is this the first wine fair that exclusively promotes natural wines in La Reunion, but it is also the first wine fair with so many winemakers present at the same time.

The idea isn’t to reinvent the wheel, the event will offer a simple, sincere experience, without pretension. A way to allow natural wine lovers to gather together, meet, share experiences and of course taste a lot of delicious wines.

It all takes place in a magical setting at l’échappée belle guest house. If you’ve never been to La Reunion, now’s the time to visit this beautiful, tropical island, (about 11 hours by plane from Europe). If you already live in La Reunion, make sure you don’t miss out on this event.


Sous Les Cocotiers vin naturel

Sous Les Cocotiers vin naturel

Sous Les Cocotiers natural wine

MORE Natural Wine – Berlin

If you follow the natural wine scene, especially in Europe, there is a good chance you’ve heard of, or even met, Chris and Anika from MORE Natural Wine over the past years. They are two of the most passionate defenders of natural wine that you’ll meet. A dynamic duo, that transmit their feel good enthusiasm daily on social media.

Chris and Anika began by creating the Oooh, Berlin maps recommending the best places to eat and drink in Berlin. This quest to help people find amazing, unknown places, continued as they fell in love with Natural Wine. They transmit their excitement for good taste in everything they do and help to promote it to the world through their tasting videos, events, legendary webshop and now, to the delight of the people of Berlin, their brand new, physical natural wine shop!

MORE Natural Wine Berlin, is based in the Neukölln district. It’s a small slice of natural wine heaven. The walls are decorated with iconic posters, plants, and shelves that are stacked with wines from all around the world. You’ll find well known producers like Gut Oggau, L’Octavin, Matassa, or Koppitsch, mixed with lesser known and rare gems, that the couple has discovered on their travels.

Chris, a native Brit, and Anika, originally from Berlin, pride themselves on bringing together an eclectic and delicious selection. They work together with different Berlin importers to be sure they can cater to everyone’s tastes, which is why you can find an Australian wine next to an Italian wine, squeezed between some Spanish and even Finnish treasures. Regions and countries aren’t the key; taste and quality are.

Their aim with their new shop is to create a welcoming, warm, and unpretentious space for both novices and experts. Chris and Anika, together with their small team of passionate, like-minded wine lovers, pride themselves on going the extra mile to ensure customers are more than satisfied with their experience. They hold a plethora of knowledge about wines, pairings and producers and are happy to guide you to the perfect bottle to suit your needs, be it an easy-drinking red, an affordable yet delicious white, or even a rare unicorn (and don’t forget to ask them about their fantastic selection from Jura, possibly their favorite wine region!)

What more can we say? Make sure you visit this shop soon; you won’t be disappointed.

MORE natural wine Berlin can be found on Raisin now, as well as over 6000 other recommended natural wine establishments worldwide.


vini Selvaggi vin naturel

Vini Selvaggi – Bari, Italy

Last weekend, November 12th – 14th, the Raisin team had the pleasure of attending the third edition of Vini Selvaggi , the independent natural wine fair in Bari, Italy.

The fair took place in the breathtaking Castello Normanno-Svevo, a Norman castle built around 1132, which offered two floors and an inner courtyard to discover the 50+ natural winemakers, a majority of which were Italian and local!

Vini Selvaggi works hard to promote dialogue between natural wine lovers, winemakers, and trade. The first day was dedicated to a debate about natural wine, and how it’s promoted. This debate was open to everyone, not just industry insiders. It really encouraged and represented the inclusiveness of the natural wine movement and welcomed the exchange of ideas.

The debate was followed with a delicious tasting guided by natural wine influencer and Raisin ambassador and the projection of two excellent wine documentaries; ‘Call It Amber’, and ‘Pre-British’.

Although one of the fairs aims is to highlight local winemakers, there were also a range of exciting producers from around Europe. This included Fabio Bartolomei who was presenting his School of Natural Winemakers. A unique project to train young winemakers in the practices of natural winemaking with respect to terroir, nature and biodiversity. We will share more on this project soon!

At Raisin it is always a pleasure to attend wine fairs filled with such passionate people, from the producers to the attendees. Vini Selvaggi was the perfect example of this, with its location being as beautiful as the exchanges and wines that were presented.

Don’t forget, you can find the best natural wine fairs, around the world, listed on the Raisin app and website now. We highly recommend attending (at least) one this year.

vini Selvaggi vin naturel

vini Selvaggi vin naturel

vini Selvaggi vin naturel

vini Selvaggi vin naturel


WE’RE HIRING: Experienced and skilled Android developer (Java, Kotlin)


Our mission is simple: Raisin wants the world to discover natural wine.

We love natural wine for its authentic taste, but first and foremost, we appreciate it for its respect for terroir, the environment, and the people behind it.

Furthermore, we’ve found that natural wine is a key indication of where you can find local, seasonal, responsible, organic, quality products that an ever-increasing number of consumers are in search for. People who want good wine and food without additives.

As natural wine is neither a label nor a certification, finding such a unique product with the certainty that it meets the correct standard, is a struggle. Raisin is the natural wine app and website that steps in and recommends an index of over 6,000 natural wine establishments and 2,500 natural winemakers, analyzed by our team and guaranteeing natural wine around the world.

Raisin is interactive for both users and professionals alike while bringing together a community that supports a rapidly growing and significant movement that is, without a doubt, the future of wine!


To finalize the next release of our Raisin app which represents about 16 hours per week. But that’s not all! If everything goes well, we have upcoming projects planned that would be great opportunities to continue to work together and collaborate in the future. Yes, it is a test 😉



Android Developer requirements:

  • Java
  • Kotlin
  • Retrofit, RxJava, Room, DataBinding
  • Google Maps API
  • JSON
  • Camera2API
  • Vuforia
  • Unit Tests
  • Github
  • Responsive Design
  • 3 years experience REQUIRED.

Soft skills:

  • Attention to details
  • Enjoying collaborating with a team.
  • At ease to communicate with Python developers.


  • Very good English skills (intermediate level minimum)

📝 If your experience fits this position and you’re interested in our proposal, please explain by writing a SHORT COVER LETTER describing why you want to join this project and work with us.

P.S. A passion for natural wine is a big plus in our book!

#Android #Java #Kotlin #GoogleMapsAPI #JSON #MobileDevelopement #naturalwine

👉🏻 To apply for this position, please send your resume and cover letter to [email protected]