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Mosto of Lausanne!

Meet Mosto, Lausanne’s new local shop sharing alive & natural wines, ciders, and beers, right in the heart of the city.

Their selection comes from regions around Europe for all kinds of tastes of terroir. Mosto also specializes in putting together wine packs in trios to discover new and amazing wines… From Swiss producers, to something a little funkier, to bubbles, to surprises, Mosto takes you on a journey in your wine glass that you won’t want to miss!


Dani Rozman of La Onda

“Wines taste alive when they come from vines surrounded by life, terroir that speaks loudly and winemaking that doesn’t get in the way.” -La Onda

Dani Rozman’s philosophy is as deeply intertwined with nature as it gets, and he admits that it’s hard work farming La Onda’s 4 acres of vines on elevated, terraced slopes amidst the North Yuba CA terroir of vines, granite, red clay, herbs, flowers, insects, bees and animals. While the surroundings are wild, the farming is free of chemicals, irrigation, and tillage, and the grapes are all meticulously harvested by hand.

Semillon, Sauvignon Blanc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, and Merlot are vinified simply and purely, never manipulated. A must try!

Dani also happens to make wines in the Itata region of Chile with Leo Erazo, where he experiments with the same varieties from Northern California to Southern Chile! Find them all on Raisin’s map of winemakers 🍇

A Natural Valentine’s Day!

Raisin spots worldwide are out there with the best valentines of all time, natural wine plus delicious, local, seasonal, organic treats to go with! You know where to find them, head to the Raisin map📍

Don’t miss out on true natural wine love at Yard Lyon, Heartbreaker’s Pizza in Ottawa, Le Naturiste in Neuchâtel Switzerland, Celler Castane in Argentona Spain, Verjus San Francisco, Le Ravitailleur Paris, Davelle NYC, Dead or Alive in Palm Springs, and many more 🍇❤️️


Isca Wines!

“Our focus is on the cycle of ingredients, from growing to preserving, celebrating the process from seed to ingestion. We want to celebrate the labour, the soil, and the growers. We believe in a connection with the source and the person behind it.”

-Isca Wines, Manchester ❤️️


Ellsworth Wines from Sierra Nevada!

Meet the startup domaine that you must try, from the Sierra Nevada foothills of Northern California (Penn Valley), it’s Ellsworth Wines!

Two Marylanders, Bryn Molloy & Jeffrey Sherwood bring a breath of fresh air, altitude, and granite terroir with their first vintage (2020) to your glasses and to the Raisin map 🍇 Growing and making chenin, syrah, cab sav, cab franc, merlot… We can’t wait to get a taste!



After 26 years in the restaurant business, Benoit decided it was time to embark on a new adventure in taste: A natural wine journey which started with visits to artisan winemakers in the Loire (St Etienne to Nantes), then took a few detours to Ardèche, Languedoc, and Auvergne.

Just like that, Benoit had quite the selection, see for yourself with the likes of Jo Landon, the Perraud brothers, Lise and Bertrand Jousset, Alexandre Bain, Jocelyne Oustric, Valerie Frison, Mathilde and Stephen Durieu… and so many more waiting for you at the wineshop La Terre Après la Pluie! This is a place you don’t want to miss on the banks of the Loire Valley, just like its wonderful selection.