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Pizza on the patio anyone?

Pizza on the patio anyone? 🍕 Louie Louie is your place in the 11th arrondissement of Paris for the perfect pie, a glass or two of natural wine, and cocktails.

In this neighborhood lined with natural wine spots, Raisin’s map is there to guide you to them! Louie Louie is open for dining on the terrace and delivering ☀️ 🛵


Blije Wijnen takes you on a natural wine trip!

Maud fell in love with natural wine from her first glass, “it opens up your mind and takes you on a trip.” So in 2015, she began to import natural wines in the Netherlands. Today, Maud is now the proud owner of Blije Wijnen wine shop & bar in the Fenix Food Factory of Rotterdam!

Blije Wijnen neighbors a sourdough bakery, Dutch cheesemaker, bookstore, and craft beer bar who are all part of the space that make up a thriving atmosphere – and there are DJ’s too! Once a month, Maud invites a winemaker who she works with to join them for a tasting, course, and a little party. Maud says, “I truly believe in my winemakers and their wines so I think people will come to our place because they only want the best!”

Even with restrictions, the factory seats 100 inside and 150 on the waterfront terrace. Check it out on the Raisin map Rotterdam, and raise a glass with Maud for us!


We are on the lookout for an experienced Python/Django developer!

We are on the lookout for an experienced Python/Django developer 🙂 Raisin is looking for a freelance Python Senior developer with an expertise in the Django framework, and who is super comfortable with PostgreSQL.

GOAL: to complete the development in progress of our new Pro. website.

But that’s not all! If everything goes well, we have upcoming projects planned that would be great opportunities to continue to work together and collaborate in the future. 

If your experience fits this position and you’re interested in our proposal, please send your CV, your GitHub (or other profiles), and a cover letter describing why you want to join this project and work with us to: ! 

P.S. A passion for natural wine is a big plus in our book! 

Thanks for sharing!