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Come to get your FREE posters! Rue89 Exhibition: April 30th to May 1st

Come to get your FREE posters! Rue89 Exhibition: April 30th to May 1st

Come meet us next weekend (April 30th to May 1st) during the Rue89 Exhibition. Users of the Raisin application and subscribers of our Newsletter will be offered the poster above. The most symbolic labels of the natural movement are there, comprised of avant-garde winemakers!

And for those who would also like to help us make RAISIN known, posters and postcards bearing our logo’s colors will be available.

for people who live far, yeah, sorry, it is in Paris… But isn’t it the best reason to come over: wine + free posters?

13th VINICIRCUS Natural Wines Festival

13th VINICIRCUS Natural Wines Festival

Among the historical events and other essentials, obviously we cannot forget to mention VINICIRCUS! 15-16 and 17 next April at Guipel in Brittany.

No fewer than 73 natural winegrowers will be present to let you try their best wines. Obviously we are not going mention all of them here, but please know that It has the best of the best (Binner, Breton, Boulard, Frère, Maupertuis, etc.).

But that’s not all! The program promises as vibrant and eclectic. Throughout the weekend, a multitude of stakeholders and activities are planned. Between meals, there will be winegrowers, the concerts, the presence of editions of ÉPURE (Tronches de vins, Mimi, Fifi et Glouglou), Sébastien Barrier will present his book from his show “Finally knowing who we’re drinking” (Savoir enfin qui nous buvons) and Dominique HUTIN, columnist at France Inter, there will be plenty to arouse curiosity and intelligence.

We invite you now to visit the event site to learn more. This already promises to be unforgettable!

More information on the site: Vinicircus

Meet Us At Salon Rue89 (4TH ANNUAL) in Paris

Meet Us At Salon Rue89 (4TH ANNUAL) in Paris

Salon Rue89: it is coming soon, not a moment to lose, make your reservation immediately for the weekend of April 30–May 1, 2016 in Paris!

“Want to know more about our application? Get a sneak peek at the final version? We will have a stand at the event and we will not be alone! On the program: over 50 natural winemakers, beer, a heated debate on the wines that we love and the current issues + brand new performance projections.

Salon Rue89 (4TH ANNUAL) in Paris
Salon Rue89 (4TH ANNUAL) in Paris

Event on Facebook: Salon Rue89 (4TH ANNUAL) in Paris, April 30–May 1, 2016

A wine tasting you CANNOT AFFORD TO MISS!



Because we love natural wines and the men and women who make them, we paid a visit this week to Mai & Kenji Hodgson. A very cosmopolitan visit, with the entire Japanese Raisin team. From left to right: Akiko, Paul, Natsuki, Tomomi, Jane, Mai, Jean-Hugues and Kenji.

We tasted superb Chenin wines, Cabernet Franc, but also that gourmet regional vine, Grolleau. We invite you to do the same and to discover these charming people and their excellent wines. It is exciting to discover people passionate about their work and who believe in what they do. THANK YOU to Mai & Kenji!


During our trip to Angers, we also visited 2 establishments:

Au Goût du Jour
Au Goût du Jour

“The restaurant ‘Au Goût du Jour’ practices fresh market cuisine with skill and finesse; Ange, a wine from Touraine made by Gérard Marula, perfectly accompanied the tuna with carrots and peanuts. Flawless. The prices are as agreable on the wine menu as on the other menus. A place to visit as soon as possible, for those who might not know the establishment.

Au Goût du Jour : 14, Rue de la Roë, 49100 Angers + 33 2 41 23 73 19


The Cave Saint Aubin offers an exacting and highly selective choice of the best in natural wine. Naturally, a wide range of Chenin and Anjou wines are offered, but that is not all. There are also plenty of wines from winemaker Eric Pfifferling of the Domaine L’Anglore, from the Grange Aux Belles, from Mosse, and a multitude of other gems that we invite you to discover. The Cave

Saint-Aubin: 24, rue Saint Aubin, 49100 Angers France +33 2 41 87 26 26

What is Raisin?

What is Raisin?

Natural wine: it is a state of mind, a way of discovering and drinking wine unlike any other. Because natural wine is our passion, and in order to make life easier for everyone involved, from the winegrower to the consumer, we created Raisin, the application devoted to natural wine.

An application for sharing, exchanging, and finding natural wines, anywhere in the world! A guide, a directory, a community.

Amazing features on the way!


Easily find bars, restaurants and wine shops close to you in France and soon worldwide


Keep up to date with all the latest news and upcoming events around natural wine

Winemakers *

Index of natural winemakers’ includes : vintage, region, label of origin, grape variety and color.

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Publish photos of natural wines and anything else you want to share!


Easily keep track of all the natural wines you enjoyed!

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* Coming May 1st, 2016 as additional features to the app.

Raisin is currently available only on iPhone (iOS 8 & 9).

Thank you for installing Raisin,

Raisin Team