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Andi Weigand – MTH


#sipthis – MTH by Andi Weigand

Have you tried MTH? Andi Weigand’s already legendary Müller Thurgau. At a this years Plopp wine fair in Frankfurt, whispers seemed to pass from person to person, ‘have you tasted Andi Weigand’s wines yet? You have to try MTH.’ The way the name is pronounced sounded like ‘Myth’ which only added to the allure.

This golden coloured nectar has herbal notes mixed with lemon zest and an edge of smokeyness on the nose. As you taste, you are hit with a crisp, refreshing acidity, zippy citrus flavours, green apple and melon. The clean freshness mixed with a round creaminess is almost reminiscent of a Jura chardonnay and the long acidity makes it tough to stop drinking.

The 62 year old Müller Thurgau vines have a low canopy, like something you’d see in Burgundy, to keep the grapes healthy and tasty. ‘These might be the oldest Müller Thurgau grapes you can taste’ says Andi. Their age has given them time to grow deep roots, creating resistance from droughts. The roots push through the Keuper soil, which is an old and unique stone, that helps give the wine its herbal, spicy, freshness.

The handpicked grapes are pressed in a 100 year old basket press, then fermented spontaneously in oak barrels and left on the lees for 9 months. Andi Weigand wines are zero-zero meaning no sulphur, no filtration, nothing added.

Andi is one of the most exciting natural winemakers in Germany. He is part of a new generation of German winemakers that interestingly all studied wine together in Geisenheim university for conventional viticulture. Andi Mann, Max Dexheimer, Marto (Martin Wörner), Jason Bergkloster, Philipp Freitag discovered natural wine together while travelling in France and are now pushing the scene to new levels. Together with the likes of Brand Bros, Glow Glow, Stefan Vetter, Jonas Dostert, among others, they are really putting Germany on the map as a top destination for Natural Wine.

Prost! 🍷

Country: Germany Region: Franken

Grapes: Müller Thurgau

Vintage: 2020

Music pairing: Digable Planets – Rebirth of Slick


andi weigand natural wine vin naturel andi weigand natural wine vin naturel andi weigand natural wine vin naturel andi weigand natural wine vin naturel

La dive bouteille 2023

La Dive Bouteille 2023

We are extremely happy to announce that Raisin will once again be participating in the historic natural wine fair: La Dive Bouteille.

For its 23rd anniversary, it is taking place (as usual) in Saumur at the Caves Ackerman on February 5th and 6th from 10 am to 6 pm. It is debatably THE most important and historical natural wine fair for professionals in the world!

Everything has already been written and said about La Dive, so we won’t try to add to it. Still, we can say that we are very proud to have participated since Raisin’s beginnings with wine activist Sylvie Augereau and artist Michel Tolmer who are behind the event.

As usual the list of winemakers present is mouthwatering. This vintage is becoming more and more international and the place for winemakers from outside of France is increasing significantly. Austria is coming in force, accompanied by Italy, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Greece, Poland, Georgia, Switzerland, Portugal, Chile, Mexico, Germany and Spain. It’s like the World Cup, only better!

La Dive also offers other beverages to taste, such as liqueurs, brandies, ciders, Armagnacs, beers, vermouths and sakes. And yes, everything on offer is only of the highest quality. Exceptional products made by passionate people.

Long story short, this is an essential wine fair for every professional; it’s not to be missed. What are you waiting for?

The Raisin team will be there, so don’t hesitate to come and see us so we can talk and exchange ideas together. Mugs, posters, lemonades, bags, badges, we have plenty of goodies for you too!

We also want to mention our friends from the fairs in Angers and surroundings: Les Anonymes, Les Pénitentes, Le Grenier Saint Jean, plus all the non-official tastings around too; they are not to be missed!

Angers / Saumur 2023, let’s go!

Calabrese vin naturel vino naturale natural wine

Giuseppe Calabrese – Calabria

Giuseppe Calabrese was born and raised in the vines at the foot of the Pollino massif, in the northern part of Calabria.

His grandmother Peppina owned 4 hectares of vines surrounded by centuries-old olive trees and Mediterranean scrub. The vineyards are located between 350 m and 600 m above sea level, which creates freshness in the vines that is transmitted to his wines. He farms only local grapes, like magliocco, guarnaccia bianca, malvasia, and moscato di Saracena on his soil that is composed by sand and clay.

Exactly the same way it was happening in old wine-producing countries, his grandmother Peppina was making wine and oil for her family and friends, working without any chemicals or additives of any kind. The vines have always grown healthily and pure, giving birth to grapes that preserve all the expressive authenticity of the land. The respectful approach in the vineyard is the perfect prelude to non-invasive winemaking using spontaneous fermentation and low intervention.

When Giuseppe inherited her three very small vineyards, he kept selling grapes and producing wines according to their old family recipe. A humble and simple operation, selling wine in bulk to the villagers. Only in 2013, did he decide to start bottling.

Now, Giuseppe produces around 10,000 bottles per year, including:

  • Moscato di Saracena, a traditional sweet wine mostly unknown beyond the regional borders
  • Magliocco, a very typical red wine with a simple and direct drinkability
  • Guarnaccia 100%, a very deep white wine with delicate scents of pine tree resin

What more can we say, we highly recommend Calabrese for adventurous wine drinkers who want to rediscover the authenticity found in the small corner of Calabria.

Calabrese vin naturel vino naturale natural wine Calabrese vin naturel vino naturale natural wine Calabrese vin naturel vino naturale natural wine

La route des Vins abidjan vin naturel

La Route Des Vins – Abidjan

Born in 1973, in a restaurant where his father earned his first Michelin star, Franck Lainé followed his parents to Burgundy, to live in Beaune in the heart of the vineyards. With his parents owning a restaurant, a father who was a great cook and a mother who loved great wines, visits to wine cellars and meetings with winemakers quickly evolved into an inevitable passion for wine.

In 1998, he fulfilled his destiny and Franck opened the first wine store in Cotonou, Benin. After a period of transition and testing other jobs, wine called him back to Lome in Togo where, in 2010, the concept of “La Route des Vins” was born: wine, cheese and delicatessen. A classic combination.

The business grew rapidly between 2012 and 2017, and after 13 fabulous years spent in Lomé, Franck and his wife Rollande (who joined his vision in 2012), decided to sell the company and move to Abidjan in the Ivory Coast. This was the beginning of a great new adventure and the Route des Vins Abidjan was born on October 9, 2017. Since then it has not ceased to entice people with the quality of its products, and the passion of its creators.

🙋🏻 La Route Des Vins is a bar, wine cellar, cheese shop and deli, you are welcome to taste and drink in store or also take away! Find it on Raisin now, Highly recommended!

La Route des Vins vin naturel Abidjan La Route des Vins vin naturel Abidjan

Winemaker_Harvest 2022_Elena Kukoleva-min natural wine

Sept Winery – Lebanon

In the northern mountains of Lebanon, Sept Winery was born out of the desire to revive a family’s land and cultivate it with life-changing passion. The whole idea started as a fantasy when Maher was living in France and working as a data consultant. While on a journey of self-healing and the pursuit of happiness, Maher was led back to his father’s land and the memories of nature they shared.

Wine was the spark; with every glass Maher drank, his imagination drifted to running his own vineyard in Lebanon. He felt this would bring him true happiness, and so he returned to his origins and with the goal of reviving the land he inherited from his father.

He planted 5,000 vines with his bare hands in 2010, a homage to his father, and in 2016, he made his first vintage in the garage of his house before the winery’s main building was completed.

Maher continued to work alone from 2016 to 2021, covering all aspects of the business; winemaking, sales, distribution, accounting, and marketing. Eventually, his team expanded, with cousin Abdo joining him and Krystel in 2022 as brand communications manager.

Always fond of ancestral methods and natural ways, Maher combined his vision and the knowledge he acquired from his travels to create the philosophy of Sept: natural wines that convey the honest expression of terroir through natural additive-free wines.

To complement his wine, Maher has also created La Table de Sept, a restaurant serving ‘modern terroir cuisine in Lebanon’. Featuring locally sourced ingredients, seasonal blind menus, herbs foraged from his own garden, it is the perfect backdrop to taste Maher’s pioneering Lebanese natural wines.

‘From where we stand, we see natural wines as the only way to convey the real value of our terroir, to raise the quality of our production, and to reflect the value of the oldest winemaking region in the world. Natural indigenous wines are what will make Lebanon stand out as a unique winemaking region.’

We couldn’t agree more!

Winemaker_Harvest 2022_Elena Kukoleva-min natural wine

Winemaker_Harvest 2022_Elena Kukoleva-min natural wine Winemaker_Harvest 2022_Elena Kukoleva-min natural wine Winemaker_Harvest 2022_Elena Kukoleva-min natural wine

500 paris venues raisin natural wine

500 Recommended Establishments in Paris!

🍷Raise your glasses for Paris! 🍷

Paris continues to hold the crown as the capital of natural wine worldwide and we are excited to announce that there are now more than 500 recommended establishments to choose from on Raisin!

There’s no shortage of places to explore in the city’s vibrant and diverse natural wine scene. From rustic bistros and chic bars, to trendy restaurants and specialized wine shops, there’s something for everyone.

In 2016, when it launched, Raisin only had 260 locations. Since then, bars, restaurants and wine shops have popped up and spread from the east to the west of Paris with no sign of slowing down. What people used to call a trend is now normalised among Parisians, who continue to prioritise natural, artisanal, seasonal and environmentally friendly products. It is also championed by the new wave of chefs and sommeliers, who want wines that match their committed and authentic cuisine. As for consumers, with 500 locations, they can now choose to only go where natural wine is available.

We are witnessing a major change, at a large scale, and many pioneers and long convinced natural wine drinkers probably never thought they would see it happen. Small producers are taking over an entire market leaving almost no space for the big ones, isn’t it amazing and beautiful?!

In France, Paris remains the most influential city, and what happens there, usually infuses on what happens elsewhere in the country, and even though Paris remains at the helm in number of establishments (bars, restaurants and wine shops), many cities and capitals around the world are heading in the same direction!

This is such great news and we are delighted to share it with you at the start of this new year. Vive le vin naturel !