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Only 48 hours left!

Only 48 hours left! That’s right, only 48 hours left to help us move forward faster, and further than ever before!

Again and again, we would like to thank all of you who helped us reach our initial fundraising goal. Thanks to you, we can plan the the next 18 months with serenity and excitment. For everyone else, you only have 48 hours left If you want to invest, Investment closes at 22/12, midnight, by CREDIT CARD :

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We are now at 99% of our goal!

A big THANK YOU to all the investors who have supported us and to all the new ones planning to do so!

We are now at 99% of our goal! If you are still interested in investing, it’s not too late, so please proceed as quickly as possible’ 🤗. Going beyond this goal would allow us to achieve even more in an even shorter time.⏳
If you would like to support us, the final dates are:
15/12 by BANK TRANSFER ⌁ , 22/12 by CREDIT CARD 💳 .

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