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Puro Sushi in Polignano a Mare

When you think of Italy, and even less when you think of the Puglia region, Sushi is definitely not something that springs to mind. You imagine trulli’s, olive oil, turquoise water, old stone villages, and beaches baked in sunshine. However, Puro Sushi is taking advantage of the abundance of fresh fish and local produce, and bridging the gap between Italian and Japanese cuisine in an exciting new way!

Situated in Polignano a Mare, an old historic town that dates back to Greek settlers in 4th century BC, it is a charming place, with just enough tourists to keep exciting bars and restaurants open, but not too many that it’s no fun to visit.

Puro Sushi is just a stone’s throw from the beach, the importance of fresh fish when creating sushi and sashimi is no secret, so having the sea on your doorstep is more than ideal and equally environmentally friendly, when most of their ingredients have such a short distance to travel.

All this leads to a beautifully refined cuisine, taking Japanese traditions and finesse and combining them with some explosive Italian flavours. A hint of basel or olive oil, merged with the sushi, pairing together like a dream. You wouldn’t expect them to work so well but as you taste the layers of delicate flavours, you see this is a match made in heaven.

Of course, no restaurant would be complete without a great wine list. Partners Leo Benedetti and Pierangelo Coda, have created an exciting wine list concentrating on natural, biodynamic, and organic local wines from the region of Puglia. Expect to find some gems you’ve never seen before and some classics you won’t be able to resist. Does Italian wine and sushi mix…? You’d better find out for yourself.

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puro sushi natural wine

puro sushi natural wine

puro sushi natural wine

puro sushi natural wine

Raisin-job-hiring natural wine

Join our team: Native & Fluent English Speaking Natural Wine Lover.

WE’RE HIRING: Sales & Marketing Pro !

🍷 Are you so passionate about natural wine 🌳 that you go to bed dreaming about fermented grape juice without additives? Do you know the world of natural winemakers and domaines? Are you a master communicator (if not, that’s ok)? Are you up for the challenge of selling subscriptions to establishments? We are looking for a native & fluent English speaking natural wine lover, to serve as a Jack-of-All Trades on the Raisin team.

Check out the job description here:

Raisin-job-hiring natural wine

salons vins libres

Salon des Vins Libres 2022!

This weekend in Alsace, it’s the Salon des Vins Libres wine fair! A fair where Alsatian winemakers invite their friends from all over France and Europe to present their wines. We really love this event and of course Raisin will be there too. Come by and meet us!

July 16th and 17th from 10 am to 6 pm in Mittelbergheim at Le Biotope d’Isa et Yvon (Espace floral Herzog, 67140 Mittelbergheim).

Entrance fee: 10€ per person with a tasting glass (5€ for students).

salons-vins-libres natural wine

The Best Natural Wine Fairs Around The World Here


Rebula by JNK Winery

#sipthis : Rebula by JNK Winery

At the beginning of April, all over Europe, the sky opened, and out of nowhere, it snowed. Spring had arrived, but winter pushed back. Our hearts went out to the farmers affected by the frost. Many of our winemaker friends were hit badly. Climate change strikes again.

While trying to find a silver lining and remain positive, there was something very special about drinking JNK winery’s 2011 Rebula in April, in the snow. The cold outside paired perfectly with this Slovenian orange wine. This wine tastes of honey and apricots, with long acidity, and balanced minerality that swims over light tannins.

Kristina Mervič makes this wine with 100% Rebula grapes are macerated for 12 days and the wine is then aged for 24 months in used barrique barrels. This creates a wine with a beautiful amber colour that is round, and warm, while staying fresh and drinkable.

Country: Slovenia

Grapes: Rebula

Vintage: 2011

Music pairing – Miles Davis – Kind of Blue

Rebula by JNK Winery vin naturel

Rebula by JNK Winery natural wine

Rebula by JNK Winery natural wineMiles Davis

The Raisin Team Visited Georgia!

Thanks to the NWA (Natural Wine Association) Raisin’s wine team attended “Zero Compromise” in Tbilisi: a wine fair of more than 100 Georgian natural winemakers who produce wines with only fermented grape juice: a great opportunity to get to know new winemakers and venues that will be featured on Raisin very soon!

We visited Telavi, in Kakheti Region, and the Alazani valley from which you can see the Caucasus mountains.

Artana Wines, a few km from Telavi: Anastasia was our host (and what an outstanding host she was!). She took us to her vineyards of Rkatsiteli, Saperavi and Tavkveri. We also tried her wines, produced in traditional Georgian amphorae named “qvevri” and her Chacha, the local schnapps that Georgian people also drink during meals: beside a glass of wine, you’ll always find a glass of Chacha!

Gogo Wines, neighbor of Artana Wines: Keti and her dad invited us to a wine tasting in their garden and performed polyphonic singing.

Gotsa Wines, Kvemo Kartli region: our last visit was to Beka from Gotsa Wines, who made us discover that amphoras aren’t only used for wines, but also beers!

The warm Georgian welcome won us over and we can’t wait to go back next year…or before! As in the Georgian tradition, we would like to make a toast to all the people we met, to their generosity, and to this beautiful country with its preserved culture and an 8000-year-old wine tradition!. Gaumarjos /  აუმარრჯოს !

Raisin Georgia Zero Compromise

Raisin Georgia Zero Compromise

Raisin Georgia Zero Compromise

Raisin Georgia Zero Compromise

Raisin Georgia Zero Compromise

Raisin Georgia Zero Compromise

Raisin Georgia Zero Compromise

Raisin Georgia Zero Compromise

Raisin Georgia Zero Compromise