Our ambassadors

In the natural wine world, winemakers, cellar or restaurant owners, sommeliers, journalists, bloggers, and artists all form an unusual, solid and singular ecosystem. Each in their own way, they embody a living, evolving movement.


Patrick Böttcher

Patrick Böttcher

Author, blogger, wine fair organiser

Patrick is a key player in the natural wine scene in Belgium and is well known in France too. He organizes the Vini, Birre, Ribelli fair and is an active member of the Slow Food movement.

Ito Yoshio

Ito Yoshio

Exporter to Japan

His smile is his visiting card. Mr Ito is a 5th dan of karate and of natural wine exporting too; his company Oeno Connexion has been quashing the thirst of thousands of Japanese afficionados for decades now. Arigatō!

Sylvie Augereau

Sylvie Augereau

Author, winemaker, journalist, wine fair organiser, etc.

It is almost impossible to resue Sylvie’s amazing implication in the natural wine world in the last 20 years. Amongst others she organises France’s biggest natural wine fair, La Dive Bouteille.

YoYo – Domaine Yoyo

Laurence Manya Krief – Domaine Yoyo

Artisan winemaker in Banyuls

Laurence produces highly drinkable, festive wines which are delicate, subtle and wildly generous, all obviously made without chemicals or additives, of course!

Christian Binner

Christian Binner – Domaine Binner

Artisan winemaker in Alsacephoto : Pauline Seckel

Christian Binner is a major (and almost historical) player in the natural wine scene and his exceptional wines have contributed to bringing Alsace wines to the forefront. Don’t miss the Les Vins Libres fair in Strasbourg, it’s buzzing!

Ivo Ferreira

Ivo Ferreira – Domaine l’Escarpolette

Artisan winemaker in the Languedoc-Roussillon

Ivo’s wines are illustrated with Japanese calligraphy and he is adulated in the land of the rising sun. His wines are lush, generous and full of pleasure.

Michel Tolmer

Michel Tolmer

Artist – photo : Les éditions de l’Épure

It is hard to imagine the natural wine scene without Michel Tolmer’s fantastic illustrations. His graphic codes are instantly recognisable and much loved. This extremely talented artist also created our logo.

Catherine & Pierre Breton‎

Catherine & Pierre Breton‎

Artisan winemakers in the Loire Valley

This couple are emblematic of the Bourgueil, Chinon and Vouvray appelations and their labels are as beautiful as their wines are delicious: Nuit d’ivresse, Avis de Vin Fort, La Dilettante, etc.

France Gonzalvez

France Gonzalvez

Artisan winemaker in the Beaujolais

When France started making wine on her own in 2008 she only had half a hectare of vines; today, she works six and a half hectares as well as raising her family. Her wines age beautifully and are savoured with pleasure.

Émeline Calvez

Émeline Calvez

Artisan winemaker in the Loire Valley

Whether as a dancer, a sommelier or a winemaker you need willpower and motivation. Émeline became a winemaker after meeting Sébastien in 2011 and the first wine they made together was Ruben. There have been many more since!

Team 3

Jean-Marie et Thierry Puzelat

Artisans vignerons dans la vallée de la Loire

Jean-Marie and Thierry have been creating exceptional terroir wines since 1999, uniquely recognisable thanks to the Puzelat signature.

Team 3

Antonin Iommi-Amunategui

Author, editor, journalist, etc.

We don’t know which title best fits Antonin but what is certain is that he is extremely active in creating and animating discussions and exchanges on and around natural wines!

Team 3

Jean-François Nicq – Foulards rouges

Artisan winemaker in Banyuls – photo : Aaron Ayscough

It takes humility to tame the Roussillon sunshine and bring out the freshness in its unique terroir. Jean-François discretely succeeds this with all his wines, which explains their international acclaim.

Team 3

Jean Maupertuis

Artisan winemaker in Banyuls – photo : Bertrand Celce

Life would be so beautiful if it was like a glass of Pink Bulles: light, ethereal, casual and refined, under the mastery of Jean’s velvet touch. The embodiment of la vie en rose!

Team 3

Wine cellar owner – La Cave d’Ivry


Paco Mora could be described as a vocational catalyst: after meeting him many people decide to become cellar owners too. He has an incredible network of natural winemakers and does a great job of showcasing them.

Team 3

Marie Carmarens – Le Rubis

Café & restaurant – photo : Bertrand Celce

Marie doesn’t mess with taste! At Le Rubis, the vegetables are seasonal, the fish is fresh daily, the meats are matured and the cheeses are ripened. And the wines are made from grape juice and nothing else!