What is natural wine?

Natural wine is wine that respects man and nature, made from a single ingredient — grapes — and sometimes a bit of sulphur. “Raisin” in French means grape.

Who are natural wine makers?

Winemakers who respect our definition of natural wine and produce at least 30% of wines without sulfur (or just a bit).

How do we recommended establishments?

Every place that we recommend must stock at least 30% of natural wines. Reviews are made by our team based upon visits, wine lists and local input supported by our representatives in each country.

Who are we?

We are a micro-team who aim to make natural wine easy for everybody! Learn more about us.

How to create a star review?

They are automatically defined upon the following criteria:
1 – Relevancy and length of description
2 – Number of comments
3 – Best picture
4 – Number of likes

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